Adding Your Employees to Your Táve Account

First, in order to give an employee their own dedicated calendar feed, you will need to add them as a user on your account in Settings › Users.  This may require upgrading your subscription, depending on how many users your current subscription allows.  You will want to use a valid email address and set any password for them there, regardless of whether or not you plan to give them access to log into the account.

Creating a User-Specific Calendar Feed

Now you can create designated calendar feeds in Settings › Calendar Feeds to contain just events that they are attending and then have them subscribe to those feeds using the instructions found in the article below, depending on the calendar service they use. 

Calendar Feed Subscription Instructions

Then, any Táve event that they are added as an "Attendee" on will appear in their feed subscription.  These events will also show them the event location as well as any notes you've entered into the "Event Notes" text box on the event in Táve.

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