This tutorial will provide the steps required to add a Google calendar feed subscription to your Táve account.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR GOOGLE APPS USERS: If you are trying to subscribe to a Google Apps (as opposed to a regular Gmail account) calendar within Táve, you are going to experience an error unless you adjust your calendar sharing options in Google Apps.  You have to change the calendar sharing settings to public and then ensure that all events you want to appear on Táve are public as well.  

Your Google Apps calendar sharing settings should look like this:

All events to be shared in Táve should look like this in your Google Apps calendar:

Finding Your Google Calendar URL

In order to add a subscription to your Google calendar within your Táve account, you first need to find the custom URL assigned to your external calendar.  When viewing your Google Calendars page, navigate down to the calendar you’d like to subscribe to under the My calendars section along the left side of the screen.  Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of the calendar and select Calendar settings.


Next, you’ll select the green ICAL button to the right of the Private Address section of your calendar’s settings.  It’s important that you are choosing the private address, NOT the regular calendar address.


After selecting the ICAL button, you’ll see a pop up window that appears with the URL you need.  Now, you’ll want to copy this URL and head on over to your Táve account to activate the subscription.


Creating the Subscription to Your Google Calendar in Táve

Once in your Táve account, you’re going to navigate to Settings › Calendar Feeds and choose the New Subscription button in the Calendar Subscriptions section.  On this screen you will paste the URL you copied from your Google calendar settings in the URL feed.  You can give your Google calendar a name of your choice, and select the color you’d like its events to display as in your Táve calendars.

Your Táve account will shortly begin to fetch any changes to your newly subscribed calendar!  You can always refer back to the Calendar Feeds page to see the current status of an external calendar subscription, including information on the last time Táve successfully fetched new data as well as any potential errors.

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