This is a quick tutorial on how to subscribe to your Táve calendar feeds from Google Calendar so that your Táve events will show up alongside your other Google calendars.

Creating Your Calendar Feeds in Táve

The first step is creating the Táve calendar feeds you’d like to use. You can create a number of different feeds based on your needs. For example, if you have multiple employees in your studio you can create a feed that will show only events that the individual employee is an attendee on. If you’d like to give someone a more private feed of just your availability shown as simply “busy” or “free”, you can do that too. You can create these feeds in Settings › Data › Calendar Feeds by clicking on the New Calendar Feed button as shown below.

After selecting the “New Calendar Feed” option, you’ll select the kind of events you want published in this feed. All events, availability (busy/free), only confirmed events and only tentative events are your 4 options. Next, you’ll select the users you would like to filter the feed for. This will determine whose assigned events you’ll see (they must be an event attendee as shown below). The last option is to restrict the feed to show only the past 3 months of history, as opposed to the default showing the entire history of events, if you prefer this option.

Once you’ve saved the new calendar feed, you’ll see a URL created (as seen in the top screenshot above). These URL’s are what we will need later to setup the feed subscription in Google Calendar.

Adding Your Calendar Subscription in Google Calendar

Once you open your Google Calendar window, you can subscribe to a calendar by going to Other Calendars along the left side of the screen. When you select the little upside-down carrot you’ll find an Add by URL option in the menu that appears.

Now, head over to your Táve calendar feed settings and copy the URL of the feed you’d like to subscribe to. You’re going to paste it into the window that pops up in Google Calendar and subscribe. You’ll see the new calendar appear in the list of Other Calendars on the left.

Customizing Your Calendar Subscription

If you select the menu to the right of your new calendar feed, you’ll see some customization options. For example, you can choose the custom color for this calendar right here in this menu. You can edit the name of the calendar by clicking on Calendar settings or add some default notifications for your Táve calendar events in Edit notifications.

Setting Notifications for your Táve Calendar Events

You can set a default notification time for your Táve subscription in your calendar’s settings, which will then alert you based on that schedule.  Do you want to receive an automatic email every morning with your daily agenda for this calendar feed?  You can set that option here too!

NOTE: The first time you subscribe to a Táve calendar feed on Google Calendar, it may be a little delayed in pulling in all of your event data.  Subscribed calendars sync in Google Calendar based on Google’s sync schedule, not Táve’s. As you continue to populate your Táve calendar with your upcoming events, Google will recognize it more easily, speeding up the sync process going forward.

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