If you’ve been using Workflows in Táve, this automation will be super useful. Since workflows are based on tasks, you might want to trigger something to happen once you check off something for your task list. We've installed an example for you in the template gallery to start with, but read on for directions on how to make your own!

In the example below, as soon as I check off the task named “Sneak Peeks posted to Facebook”, I’ve set up the automation so that it emails my clients. The email can be created in Settings > Template Items > Email Templates, and maybe it says something like “Hi Client! I’ve posted some sneak peeks to my Facebook page, feel free to tag yourself or share the photos on your Newsfeed. Here’s the link: <insert FB page link here>.  Can’t wait to share the rest!”

Remember, you can use conditions for job.type and job.stage to make sure you’re only executing the automation on the correct job type and stage (Lead, Booked, Fulfillment, Completed).

Currently, you can set this automation up with a ‘task’. Coming soon, you’ll be able to run it on an entire “task list”.

Other ideas:

– Send another Team Member an email when a task is complete

– Add another task after you’ve completed one

This is a really cool idea that came from Facebook User Victor Hanna. He has a task in his workflow called “Follow up on image selection”, as soon as he checks it off, the automation will create another follow up task that’s due in 5 days later AND send an email to the client following up on their image selection. Check out his automation:

Note: If you mark a lead or job as completed it will check off all outstanding tasks in its workflow, therefore activating any automations triggered by a task's completion.

Looking for Ideas for Automations or what to share yours? Check out user created submission gallery: Automations Gallery

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