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Táve + Gmail F.A.Q.

Frequently asked questions about Gmail Integration

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I don't use Gmail for my email. Is it worth switching?

We think that the added email functionality with Táve + Gmail is well worth the switch. Don't believe us though?  Here's a great article with lots of additional reasons.

Does this work with both Gmail and Google Workspace (G Suite)?

Yes, both regular Gmail (free) and Gmail through Google Workspace ($6/month per login account) will work with this integration.  If you're unfamiliar with how you can use G Suite with your business email account, check it out here: Google Workspace (G Suite)

Can I use Gmail and still have emails come from my business's domain? 

Yes, you can set up your Gmail account to 'send mail as' something like  You can also sign up for Google Workspace where you'll make Gmail your email host. 

I don't use Gmail to write my emails. I use Apple Mail/Airmail/Newton/Spark/SomeOtherEmailApp with my Gmail account. Is this still going to work for me?

Yes!  You can use any email client you'd like as long as your email is processed by Gmail/G Suite.  Label functionality may be slightly different in other programs however. 

Does open/click tracking still work with Táve + Gmail?

Yes!  With Táve's normal email provider (SendGrid), we relied on them sending us any open/click/delivered notifications.  In order to launch Táve + Gmail, we built our own internal open/click tracking tool.  From a user perspective, it's practically indistinguishable.  

I set up Google Integration and haven't noticed any existing emails showing up in Táve. Is that expected?

Yes.  Your entire Gmail inbox will not sync with Táve for emails prior to your Google integration setup.  Only emails labeled with the new "Import to Táve" label or incoming emails with known contacts will sync after integration.  To see a flow chart of how this works, check out this article: How Emails Import from Gmail.

I'm no longer getting BCC copies of all emails that get sent from Táve. Did this change?

There's no need for BCC'ing outgoing emails anymore with Gmail since your outgoing emails will simply appear in your Gmail's sent folder. Note: opening one of those emails that appear in your sent folder in Gmail will trigger an open mail activity log entry in Táve.

I used to send bulk emails by adding several recipients in the 'To' field. Each recipient got a separate copy and didn't see the other people. Is this different?

Yes, now the 'To' field functions as you'd expect it to, where everyone is included on the same message and they can see each other.  If you want to send a message like you did before, simply add your recipients to the 'BCC' field (only available with Gmail) instead of the 'To' field.

I have multiple brands with multiple emails in my account and not all of them are on a Gmail account. Can I use both Gmail and the normal Táve email provider at the same time? 

No, once you integrate with Gmail your entire account will use Gmail and any available 'send mail as' email addresses displayed in your integration setup. 

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