PCI Compliance Upgrade for PayJunction

Learn how to upgrade your integration to Hosted Payments Shop

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Due to changes in PCI compliance, your PayJunction integration needs to be upgraded to use Hosted Payments in order to process payments in Táve.

What's Different?

Your clients will no longer be entering their credit card information in Táve's credit card form, but will be directed to your Hosted Payments Shop on PayJunction and then redirected back to Táve. This is required in order to process credit card transactions directly on PayJunction. Additionally, expense amounts for the credit card processing fees aren't automatically sent to Táve, so you'll need to define those amounts in your Táve client payment method setup. 

How to Upgrade

In order to complete the upgrade, you'll need to log into your PayJunction account and create a new Hosted Payments Shop.

  1. Create a new shop: 

2. Give the shop a name (this must be all one word): 

The rest of the fields on this page are optional and not necessary for the Táve integration. 

3. Save the shop

4. Back in Táve, you'll add the shop name you created to the client payment method setup page: 

5. Add the processing fees, expense payee and category in the fields provided: 

6. Click the 'Save & Upgrade' button to complete the upgrade.

Be sure to test the new integration. We typically suggest creating a fake order for $1 or so and walk through it yourself to make the payment. 

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