This feature is currently in BETA. To enable the feature, head to Settings › Early Access Betas and check the box next to 'Contact Modal'.

Keeping track of all the different contacts associated with a particular job is one of the powerful ways Táve helps you get organized. Whether it's adding team members, vendors, or clients' family, adding contacts and giving them a specific role for that job lets you quickly see who's involved right from the job overview. 

Now it's even easier to add a new contact to a job with the new contact modal. Instead of clicking 'New' from the contacts widget on the job overview and have the job worksheet open up, scrolling you down to one of the contact boxes, you'll simply click 'Add Contact' and you'll be presented with a quick add modal.

From this modal, you'll have suggested contacts (employees on your account or contacts related to any other contact on the job). 

See who you're looking for? Click them and simply set their job role and whether they're marked as client or not. 

Need to create a new one? Click 'Create New' at the bottom and you'll get a quick add modal to create a new contact. 

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