Google Calendar is currently in private beta. If you're interested in participating in this beta, please contact support.  

Adding the Integration

Head to Settings › Integrations to add the integration to your account after you have been accepted to the beta testing period. From the integrations page, select Google Calendar from the 'Setup Integration' dropdown. You'll immediately be prompted to log in to Google to authorize the integration. Once you've authorized Google Calendar, you'll configure the integration.


There are two main configurations for each Google Calendar integration. You'll decide which events, if any, you'll push to Google Calendar and which Google Calendars you'll subscribe to inside Táve.

Pushing Events to Google Calendar

You can chose to publish NO Táve events to Google calendar, only the events where you are marked as an attendee, or all events. By default, all events will be pushed to Google.  

As part of the integration process, Táve will create a new calendar inside Google called 'Táve'. Only events from two-weeks ago forward will be synced to Google. 

Subscribing to Google Calendars

When configuring your Google Calendar integration, you'll also be able to subscribe to calendars that already exist in Google Calendar. Simply check the box next to the calendar whose events you want to pull into Táve. 

How Sync Works

Táve's Google Calendar integration supports two-way sync! What does that mean for you? 

That means that changes you make in Táve will be immediately pushed to Google calendar but also changes you make in Google Calendar will be immediately pulled into Táve as well.  Need to change the date of a consult call you have with a client? Simply move the event inside Google Calendar and it'll move in Táve! 

The Usual Suspects

We're syncing the usual suspects when it comes to an event: event title, start/end date and time, whether it's an all day event, or whether it's confirmed or tentative. 

Event Location

Any event location you set in Táve, we'll push to Google Calendar. Addresses set in Google Calendar events will be pulled into Táve as well. Need quick navigation to a client meeting, pull up the Google Calendar app and click on the address to map yourself to your destination!

Event Attendees

Táve's Google Calendar takes event attendees to a new level!  We leverage the full power of attendees which Google Calendar calls 'guests'.  Táve syncs event attendees and makes them a guest on the Google Calendar event. That means that if the Google Calendar guest also uses Google Calendar, the event will automatically show up on their calendar! Are you assigning a second photographer to an event in Táve? Simply add them as an attendee and the event will be added to their calendar if they use Google Calendar. 

Event Notes

Yes, we sync event notes too!  Have notes that you want easy access to on the go? Put them in the notes of the Táve event and we'll push them to Google Calendar. You'll be able to quickly see and edit notes inside the Google Calendar app and they'll stay in sync with Táve. 


Syncing notes to Google Calendar is a very powerful way to keep yourself organized and get you the information you need, when you need it, but it also comes with a very big caveat!  Because event attendees/guests are synced, and events will automatically go on to the Google Calendar of those attendees, it also means that they see those notes. This means, you should be very aware of what you write in those notes.  I.e. don't put things you don't want those other attendees to see in the notes. 

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