Google Calendar is currently in beta. If you're interested in participating in this beta, please head to Settings › Early Access Betas to enable and make available in Integrations.  

How will Táve’s improved Google Calendar Integration help my business?

Save time with real-time, two-way integration
Any changes you make in Google Calendar–like editing an event name or changing the date–will instantly be reflected back in Táve, and vice versa.

Pull & Push
Pull events into Táve by subscribing to any of your connected Google calendars.
Push Táve events to a newly-created Táve calendar in Google.

Here’s how it works:

Work your way.
You can interact with events in either Táve’s calendar or in Google Calendar and be confident that changes will sync back to the other program. 

Make life easier for your clients.
Help your clients feel more organized by capturing important event details like notes, location, and attendees. Plus, attendees on your Táve events can be pushed to Google Calendar as guests based on your configuration! If those people also use Google Calendar, the event will automatically show up on their calendar!

Caution: notes are visible to ALL attendees/guests.
If your client uses Google Calendar and you choose to sync attendees to Google, your client will see the notes as well. This is a great opportunity to share details with your clients and help them feel organized, but you’ll want to make sure that everything in those notes is ok for all attendees/guests to see. You can choose to sync only Team members to Google Calendar if you prefer to keep notes private.

Adding the Integration

Head to Settings › Integrations to add the integration to your account after you have been accepted to the beta testing period. From the integrations page, select Google Calendar from the 'Setup Integration' dropdown. You'll immediately be prompted to log in to Google to authorize the integration. Once you've authorized Google Calendar, you'll configure the integration.


There are two main configurations for each Google Calendar integration. You'll decide configurations for what to push to Google Calendar and which Google Calendars you'll subscribe to inside Táve.

Pushing Events to Google Calendar

You can chose to publish NO Táve events to Google calendar, only the events where you are marked as an attendee, or all events. By default, all events will be pushed to Google.  You can also specify if tentative events are included as well. 

As part of the integration process, Táve will create a new calendar inside Google called 'Táve'. Only recent events forward will be synced to and from Google. 

Subscribing to Google Calendars

When configuring your Google Calendar integration, you'll also be able to subscribe to calendars that already exist in Google Calendar. Simply check the box next to the calendar whose events you want to pull into Táve. 

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