We've heard from Táve customers whose businesses are rapidly changing due to COVID-19.  We've put together a list of some common questions and answers to help you navigate your account as cancelations and rescheduling become more prevalent. Our Product Support Specialists are also here to help. Chat with our Support Team if your question isn't answered below, or if we can provide additional help regarding your account during this challenging time.

“I’ve had a client cancel an event.  How do I cancel their job in Táve?”

If your client needs to cancel their event, you'll want to close the previously booked job in Táve by choosing the Close button on the right, when viewing the job's overview. There, you'll be able to choose the reason for the cancelation. This will void the rest of any open order(s), but will keep the payments made intact. If you need to issue a full or partial refund to the client, review our support article on refunding payments here.

“My client wants to reschedule their event for later this year because of COVID-19.  How can I reschedule their job in Táve?”

If your client needs to reschedule their event, first go to the job worksheet and change the job date in the profile box. 

Note: If they are unsure of the new date at this time, you will want to clear the job date at the top of the worksheet and also clear the date on the associated primary session event down below on the worksheet.  This will change the job date to "Unscheduled".

Review all events on the job’s schedule to make sure their dates are correct. Make sure to edit any invoice due dates that need to shift due to the rescheduled date. (See below for more on changing due dates on invoices.)

A few other things you will want to review on the postponed job:

  • Adjust team members assigned on the job's contact list and event attendees.
  • Review scheduled expense due dates and recipients on the job's Financials tab and revise as needed.
  • Restore any completed tasks on the job workflow that'll you'll need to do again when it's closer to the new date.  This can be done by clicking on the task list in blue on the job's Tasks tab, and unchecking the completed tasks you need to restore.

“I want to send an email to all of my clients about COVID-19. How do I send one email to all of my clients at once?”

While we don't currently have a direct integration with MailChimp or other similar mass email service, you can export your account Address Book as a csv spreadsheet and import it into a service like MailChimp to send big newsletters.  See more on searching in your sidebar lists and exporting your lists.

“I’ve rescheduled a job and need to edit invoice dates to reflect the new due date. How do I edit those dates in Táve?”

To edit invoice dates to reflect a new due date, pull up the order you wish to revise the invoices for by selecting the view button next to it on its job's Quotes & Orders tab:

From here, use the Edit Invoices button located above the invoices. When in Edit mode, you can change the due dates on the invoices as needed.

“I need to amend a contract because of a postponed job.  How do I format that?”

If your client needs to postpone their date with you and a contract already exists, an amendment is an ideal solution. An amendment doesn’t replace the whole contract, but serves to update the date of the event. We've added an example to the template gallery you can use below.

For example, if you’d like to change the contracted event date, you can create a contract template in your Táve account that has wording to reflect that only the date is being changed, like in the sample below. Start by editing the job worksheet and changing the job’s primary session to the new date. By using the appropriate tokens in the language, customizing the contract addendum for other clients who change their event date will be simple.

When adding this new contract addendum template to the job, you can send the contract to your clients by email, enclosing a link to the addendum by selecting the email option to the right of the new contract.

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