How to Build a System

An Introduction to workflow, automation, and getting started

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Building out a system can feel overwhelming, especially if you've never done it before. Rather than taking on the whole thing at once, it's a lot easier to build out a system in three separate parts.

  1. List out every task you do for every client you serve. 

  2. Create templates to move more quickly and consistently from client to client

  3. Slowly begin to automate those tasks

Mapping Out Your Client Journey

You've probably heard the famous quote "Begin with the end in mind" dozens of times. When you think about the end of a job what does that look like? Whether it's a an excited email saying thank you, a positive online review online, delivering a product to their house, or something completely different, you want to keep that picture in mind.

This is vital to think about while you're building out a system, because as much as you're organizing yourself, you're also helping to shape your clients' journey to arrive at the best end for both them and your company.

You'll want to start by writing out every task you should take to guide your clients to that perfect ending. I've found it helpful to use Trello to build this out in the past as it lets you organize all of your tasks into stages. We made a template for you here that you're welcome to use!

Saving Time Through Templates

Once you have your list written out, the next best thing you can do is to start building templates. Every chance you get to write an email as a template instead of just a single response is a win. Try to write out as many templates as you can, either ahead of time or when you're just responding to a client in the moment. Once you start building out these templates, you'll start to see which one of your templates need to be adjusted frequently, and which ones you could probably get away with sending automatically– which brings us to our last step.

Saving Time Through Automation

Once you have a feel for which tasks you would like to get off of your plate, you can use a studio management solution like Táve to automate those tasks. One of the best parts about Táve specifically is that it gives you the chance to preview your automated emails before sending them by creating them as drafts (if you want it to).

It's important to note that you don't want to try and automate your entire system at once, nor do you want to skip directly to this step. Automate one task at a time so you're confident there isn't going to be a client that slips through the cracks. 

Need a Hand?

The Táve team loves building out systems. Start a conversation and let them know where you're struggling. They'd be happy to help, just click 'support' inside of your account to send in a message, or email

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