COVID-19 Resources

Some tips, how-to's, and resources for getting your business through the Coronavirus– both in and out of Táve.

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Rescheduling a Job and its Payments

There's a good chance you're going to have to reschedule an event, and make sure the payments get updated as well. Here's how to do that inside of your Táve Account.

Updating Your Contract

Coronavirus has brought to light a lot of holes in a lot of contracts and we want to help. We've provided a Sample Force Majeure Clause and Date Change Amendment courtesy of our friend, John at Morningstar Law, for our users. More on how to use those here.

Emailing Multiple People at Once

While we don't currently have a direct integration with MailChimp or other similar mass email service, you can export your account Address Book as a CSV spreadsheet and import it into a service like MailChimp to send big newsletters. See more on searching in your sidebar lists and exporting your lists.

Look into the Future

Pausing Your Automations

With so much change happening in your business, it's worth looking over automations. One thing our team has found helpful is looking at our automations and pausing some that might not be sensitive right now.

Look at Upcoming Invoices and Jobs

Set some time aside to check your Táve account once per week and make sure any upcoming jobs or invoices are good to go. Keeping your account up to date will ensure your clients know exactly where you stand.

How Can We Help?

While a lot of our team is made up of photographers ourselves, we don't know your business or situation like you do. If there's something we're missing here, or you need a bit more handholding, please make sure to message us from inside your account or shoot us a call at 1 (800) 560-8283.

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