Start by going to the Quotes & Orders tab on the lead and clicking New Order. You can also use one of your quote templates as the base of the order. With an order, you can bypass the booking process if you’d like.

Creating an order is a great way to add additional items that your client purchased after you’ve booked them.

  1. Select a Recipient
    This will be one of the contacts you have listed on the job.
  2. Name the Order
    You can add any message you’d like as well.
  3. Set a Payment Schedule
    Give the order a payment schedule. This will determine the number of invoices generated as well as the due dates.
  4. Specify Sales Tax
    Set what sales tax group to use for the order. Certain items may be classified as non-taxable by unchecking ‘Taxable’ on the product itself.Learn more about setting up tax rates and tax groups here.
  5. Add Products
    You can manually add products or use any of the products that you created in your initial setup.
  6. Save & Book
    Once you’re done building the sales order, you can save and book it. If your job was in the lead stage before, it will now be in the booked phase.Your invoices will be created and you will then have an option to ‘Email Direct Link’, ‘Open Direct Link’, ‘Print Invoice’, or manually ‘Record Payment’:If you need to change any of the due dates for your invoices, or add more invoices to spread out payments, click on the blue Edit Invoices button. When emailing a direct link, you’ll use an ‘Invoicing’ email template. Learn more about those here.
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