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Canceling Your Táve Subscription
Canceling Your Táve Subscription

How to close down your Táve account

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Before Canceling Your Account...

Are you looking to close your account because the software is overwhelming or you're not certain it's a good fit for your business after trying it out?  Before you move forward with closing down your account, be sure that you've explored all Support options that we offer.

We'd love to chat with you through the struggles you're facing, and even hop on a phone call or screenshare session if needed.  A member of the Support team can be reached directly from within your account from the Support menu to set something up.

How to Close Your Táve Account

In the event you still wish to cancel your Táve subscription, in Settings you'll find the option for Manage Subscription.  You can select the option to permanently close your account from there.

What Happens to My Account Data?

By canceling your account, it will be closed immediately. You will no longer have access to your client data or setup. If you think you'll need access to information, it's important that you get that information out of your account before canceling.

Saving Your Contracts

Any signed contracts you have in Táve will need to be manually exported one by one. You can do that by going to the contracts tab on each job, choosing print, then print to PDF. 

Exporting Your Contacts and Other Sidebar Lists

You can download your custom sidebar reports to CSV format by exporting your lists.

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