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Month-to-Month vs. Annual License
Month-to-Month vs. Annual License

The different ways to subscribe to Táve.

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Táve is what's called a SaaS platform (software as a service). It means that access to the services requires a subscription for a specific period of time.  One of the major benefits of the subscription model is that the software is centrally hosted in the cloud and you will always updates and new features as they become released, instead of having to repurchase a piece of software each year. 

There are two ways you can subscribe to Táve: month-to-month or an annual license. 


When you sign up and pay monthly it means that you have a license for a month long period and it gets renewed automatically every month until you cancel. 

Paying month to month works really well for people who like to have a monthly expense that's easy to budget for. 

Annual License

An annual license is when you prepay for a specific time period and you have access to the software for the the time that that license is active. 

In Táve, you can subscribe and prepay for 1 year, 2 year, 5 year, or 10 year terms. 

Because you are making a commitment to have the software for a certain amount of time, we give discounts on those annual licenses. The longer the term for which you prepay, the bigger the discount you get. 

Annual licenses must be paid up front and cannot be billed monthly. 

How to Subscribe

When you're ready to subscribe, you'll go to Settings › Manage Subscription where you can select which term (monthly or annual license) and choose which plan (Solo, Boutique, or Studio). 

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