Unfortunately, there is no easy way to move everything over from ShootQ. The nature of these systems is that they all structure their data differently. We’ve had ShootQ users that do one of the following:

a) Manually enter EVERYTHING (maybe even hire a data entry person to do this)

b) Finish out the current bookings in ShootQ and do only new clients in Táve. (Use the Shootq backups as references if you need them in the future).

c) Only manually add the current bookings in Táve and use the backups for any completed jobs. Do new clients in Táve going forward.

  1. Select the Shoot you want to move from ShootQ to Tave.
  2. In Táve – Create a new lead & enter the information for the Job you are moving from ShootQ into the New Lead Worksheet like you would for any new lead.
  3. Create a New Sale Order looking at what you had in ShootQ Order Detail for the package. You need to make sure that you have created the corresponding products in Tave.
  4. Once you Fill the Quote Configuration in Tave, make the necessary adjustments, if needed, to the product prices to match the Total package price.
  5. Select the payment schedule that closest match the original one (you will change it next to adjust it to the actual invoice and payment dates).
  6. When done, click Save order.
  7. At the bottom of the Order you created you will see the Payment Schedule. Click edit invoices to create and modify all the needed invoices to match them to the way you had them in ShootQ making sure that Tave invoices dates and amounts match the ones in ShootQ. Once done, Save the invoices. They will probably will show as overdue.
  8. In Táve – Enter the payments for each invoice using the correct payment date and amounts. Enter all the required information for the payment to match what you had in ShootQ.
  9. Enter any additional orders you may have and adjust the payment schedule as needed.
  10. In ShootQ go to Billing & Legal and click on View Contract. Print or save contract to your desktop as a PDF.
  11. Back in Táve – Go to Files and the Contract to Táve.
  12. You may want to do the same with the ShootQ receipts.
  13. If you have sent questionnaires from ShootQ that have been filled by the client, you will want to save them as pdf also and upload them to Táve under File>Miscellaneous. If you sent an specific price list to the client, do the same and upload them under File>Price List.
  14. Enter all the contacts you want.
  15. In Táve – Go to overview and move the Job Phase to the corresponding Phase the job is at the moment. Depending if and how you set up your workflows, you may have to do some “clean-up” by going to Overview, General Tasks, Conversations and Schedule to delete or check off as needed.

You are done. Repeat as needed.

Hope you find this helpful.

For more ideas, check out this conversation thread on our Facebook User Group:


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