2021 Táve Product Roadmap

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Our team has been working on foundational improvements that will enable you to build on Táve’s power, flexibility, and configurability.


What we’ve been working on: 

Finalizing Security Work: As a final requirement of our Google Security Assessment, we moved the Táve domain to tave.app. This needed to be done before we began work on a Zapier integration.


Ongoing product support and unplanned work: Part of the team’s day to day focus includes work that arises from our support team’s interactions with customers. Unplanned work can impact progress on our roadmap, but we always try to carefully balance the load.

  • Our team resolved an issue that was preventing Táve Studios from entering the Client Portal Preview
  • Google Ads blocked a number of Táve customers from running Ads. Unfortunately, Google did not provide any communication to our team about why this occurred. We implemented a workaround, and are subsequently executing a new way to handle files uploaded by individual studios. This should help prevent an incident from affecting users in the future.
  • Our email delivery service Sendgrid had issues that affected email deliverability of account notifications sent by Táve to Táve Users, causing those emails to go to spam. This has been resolved.


What’s in progress:

Zapier Integration

The development team has completed scoping the first iteration for the new Zapier integration, with a focus on Scheduling. A key first step for the project will be to match the current offering of the existing beta, but this time being built on our new API. Our team is working on this now, and we aim to release a new version of the beta by the end of October. This beta release will match the ability to Create a Lead and add a new action that allows you to Create a Contact!

Once this new beta is released, our team can begin working on building new features for the Zapier Integration. New features include: 11 New Actions, allowing Zaps to create or update data in Táve (Contacts, Events, Jobs). We aim to begin rolling out these new actions by the end of November.


What’s coming next: 

  • More integrations including a deep two-way integration with Zapier.
  • Client-facing improvements such as updated branding as well as new design and customizations in client access portals.
  • Improvements in jobs and workflows and expansion on sharing options inside the client portal.
  • Improved sidebar reporting and increased ability to export reports as a .csv.

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You can always see product releases in the Changelog available in the footer of your Táve account.

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