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Runs immediately or at 8am studio time on the day specified in the ‘Execute’ box.

When you send your client a contract, either through a quote or on its own, you can trigger an automation to happen immediately or shortly after they sign it. The automation below sends them an email ‘Got your signed contract!” 1 day after the clients sign it.

Sending Contracts to Team Members

The key to automating the sending of a contract to a team member or contractor, like a Second Photographer, is to target the specific names of your contract templates in each of your contract signature automations.  For example, in the automation that sends the contract signature link to the clients, you'll want to be sure it has a condition that says {{}} must not contain the text Second Photographer Agreement (or whatever is in the title of your second photographer contract template), and that email should go to your job clients.  

Whereas, an automation sending the second photographer agreement to your second photographer will be set up similarly but with a condition that the {{}} must exactly match Second Photographer Agreement (or whatever the title is of your second photographer contract template), with the automated email directed to the contact with the job role of Second Photographer.


Don't hesitate to reach out to our support team with any questions on this or any other automations through the in-app chat from within your Táve account.

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