Using the Táve Zapier Integration (Beta)

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What is Zapier?

If you're into automation (which, as a Táve user, we'll assume you are), you may have heard of Zapier. In case you haven't, Zapier works as a bridge between apps, allowing automation at a much grander scale.

How the Integration Works

You can use our integration with Zapier (currently in beta) to create a new lead inside of your Táve account. This allows you to connect contact forms or other services you might use on your website to create a new lead inside of your Táve account.

Note: This integration is in Beta so we would like to gather as much feedback as possible. Please make sure to share any thoughts you have on the integration with our support team via messaging inside of your account.

Connecting Táve and Zapier

First, you'll head to the My Apps section on your dashboard in Zapier and search for "Tave".


To authenticate the integration, you will need your Studio ID and SecretKey. These are listed inside of your Táve account, in the New Lead API section of Settings.

Enter those values into Zapier to finish connecting the accounts.


Building Your First Zap

Once you've connected your account, you'll choose and set up the app you'd like to use to create the lead. From here, you'll choose your Táve account, log in, and select Create a New Lead in Táve.


Click Continue, and on the next screen you'll be able to assign the information from your triggering app to the lead creation in Táve.

Note: Brand, Job Type, and Job Role fields are required in order to create a new lead in Táve. You'll want to make sure that you type in a Brand, Job Type and Job Role that exactly match values in your Táve account there if the app triggering the lead creation doesn't have a matching field to choose from.


Once you've finished adding in all of the information, you will want to run a test. Just make sure to purge any test leads from your Táve account when you're done testing.

After a successful test, you're now ready to turn on your new zap!


Video Walkthrough

In the video below, we walk through the steps of connecting Táve with Calendly for generating new leads.


If you need help troubleshooting your zap's setup, feel free to reach out to our support team with questions. Zapier support can also be contacted to help out!

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