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In the event you end up with two or more duplicate contact profiles in your account Address Book, they can be merged using our contact merge option.  You can merge 2 contacts at a time as long as they are the same "kind" of contact (person, company, or location).

Ways to Merge Duplicate Contacts

From an Address Book Section List

When filtering your Address Book contacts by name or email address in the Address Book sidebar, you can select 2 duplicate contacts and then choose the Merge option at the top of the list.

If there are conflicts between the two Address Book entries, you'll be prompted to select which information you would like to keep, like in the example below:

From a Contact's Address Book Profile

When viewing the profile for a single contact, if there are possible duplicate contacts based on a similar name, email or address, they'll appear in the Possible Duplicate Contacts box on the overview tab.  You can either ignore the alert if they're not true duplicates, or merge the two contacts into one if they are. 


Note: If a client receives a notification that there is an issue signing into their Client Portal, this is usually because you have a second contact in your Táve Address Book using the same email address.   To resolve this error, you'll want to either merge the duplicate contact profiles you have for that same client, or clear the email address from the profile of a separate person who may be sharing a joint email account with them.  Once you provide them with their newly generated Direct Link to their portal, they should be able to set their password and sign in no problem.



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