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What is Calendly? 

Calendly is a 3rd party Scheduling tool that allows you to build calendar schedules to send clients for the purpose of choosing a date and time. Zapier offers you the ability to setup a trigger to observe when a new event is created and kickoff an action in Táve. 

You can read more on Calendly here: 

Cheat Sheet

We've created a Zap template for connecting Calendly with Táve, you can find and add this template here: Create Táve jobs from new Calendly invitees

Building the Zap

Like all Zaps, you'll begin building the zap on the Zaps page here: 

Once here, you'll find the 'Create Zap' button to start the process.

In the editor, you'll want to give your Zap a name and then use the search to quickly find Calendly:



Make sure you choose the trigger 'Invitee Created', then choose your Calendly account that you've connected. 



You'll then want to run a test trigger to pull in event data from Calendly that you'll use when setting up the action.



For the Actions side of things, you'll want to search for Táve then choose the 'Create a Job' action.



Choose your linked Táve account then you can begin setting the fields for your Zap! Keep in mind that the fields you set will dictate the data that is used when a job and event get created in Táve. 



**Important** for this Zap, avoid using the Event Date, Event Start, and Event End fields. Leave those blank and only use the Date & Time fields:



You then will want to choose your Event Type that will be generated on the Job (if left blank your Primary Session will be use)

When choosing a timezone, you may need to use the 'Load More' option if the search isn't pulling up your time zone. Ex. EST New York requires you to select load more in order to find it in the dropdown.

Finally be sure to choose any custom field, this will not affect the job, but having an input selected is required for the Zap to run! 



Now that you have this completed, you can test your Zap! 



With this done you can now turn on your Zap! 🥳🥳

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