Electronic Contracts are an integral part of booking clients in Táve. We simplify the process of getting your clients booked by removing the need to printed contracts, printing and scanning signed copies, and mailing them back and forth. What’s even better is that you can create templates for different jobs and have them ready to go.

Curious about electronic signatures? Click here to read more about the process and their legality.

Creating a Template

To begin, let’s start by going to the Contracts menu on the left and click on the ‘New Contract’ button.

In the Contract Settings section, you’ll give the contract a name, add signature fields, and change your Countersignature field if you’d like.

Signature Lines

For each Client Signature Field line that you add, a signature line will be added to the bottom of the contract. So if you have “Client 1” and “Client 2” and you leave the countersignature field as is in the example above, your contract will show as follows:

All signature fields are required to be filled in, if there are more than one.

Contract Text

If you have existing contracts that you were using outside of Táve, you can simply copy and paste the text of it into the Contract Text box. Once pasted, you’ll want to use the formatting tools to make sure that it looks good, you can also use the ‘Print Preview’ button as well when adding the template to a lead or job to see how it will all fill in with a real client.

Tip: If you'd like a copy of the entire order booked as part of the quote included in the attached contract, you'll use the {{booked_order.summary}} token to pull it in.

Initials Box

If there are specific parts of your contract that you would like your client to initial, you’ll use the token {{contract.initials_box}} where you’d like them to initial like so:

When the client is filling out the contract it will look like this:

Again, the number of signature field lines you have indicated will also determine how many initials lines there will be.

Counter Signature

Once your client(s) has signed the contract, you will receive an email notification that it has been signed. You’ll also see a notification on your dashboard and in the contracts menu that you have a contract awaiting approval. Click through to the contract to add your counter signature:

Sending a Contract to a Client

When you are ready to use one of these templates for a current lead or job, you'll add the contract on the Contracts tab of the lead or job and choose the recipient and any related order that is tied to the contract, and then choose the "email" option next to the contract to send it off to the recipient for signature.

You can also include one or more contracts in a Standard or Advanced Quote and send that off to the recipient to get booked in a few easy clicks.

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