Watch our last getting started webinar here and follow along with the PDF below!

You're a champion of figuring things out yourself. A warrior of productivity, and an organizational force to be reckoned with. You don't need hand-holding, directions, long drawn out videos, or (heavens forbid) instructions. You're ready to get this party started. just want to know maybe which direction to start walking, and that's totally not asking for directions. 

Visual Learner? 

The Foundations (The Easy Stuff)

  1.  Check your Main Settings
  2. Fill in your applicable Taxes and Currency
  3. Connect your square account (or other Client Payment Methods)

Adjust your Templates (The Hard Stuff)

  1. If you don't have any yet, create a Job Type. (Click here if you need a little help!)
  2. Add any products and services that you offer that weren't installed from the template gallery. Head here if you need a hand creating one from scratch (Optional) - If you want to build packages, you can do that here with some tips here.
  3. Set up payment schedules so people know when to pay you. (Need a hand? Click here)
  4. Modify or create an intake questionnaire to gather some information from your clients at the time of booking, or just confirm the information you have before it goes on their contract.
  5. Copy your existing contract into the bottom of the template you installed (from the template gallery) to create your own Contract Template.

Okay, you made it. That's the hardest part of it, I promise.

Get Comfortable! (The Let's Actually Use This Thing... Stuff)

  1. Create a test lead by clicking 'New Lead' on your Dashboard. Use an email address not associated with your Táve account.
  2. Click 'Quotes and Orders' and Create a New Quote.
  3. Fill out as much of your quote as possible by adding in the products (or packages) you've created, a payment schedule, a questionnaire and a contract.  
  4. Click 'add to quote templates' so you can save yourself time in creating this next time, and then click email quote to send off our quote into the beautiful unknown... er... your inbox.

You Did It!

Before you move on, stop and take in the magnificence that is your Táve account. Your Sistine Chapel of organization. Your Mona Lisa of productivity. Your fully- functioning sixth-grade volcano science project that made all the other children unanimously vote you student council president for the next two years of pure studio managing awesomeness.

Extra Credit

Now that you've basked in your glory, jump in and explore some more features inside of Táve. I promise there's more there than you realize.


Is something missing or you want to double check that you're doing everything right? Reach out to us in your account from the Support menu.

Messaging is great and quick for some questions, but wouldn't it be great, dare I say, incredible if someone from Táve would host weekly webinars you could attend to learn the system better and ask about what's confusing you, making your life difficult, bothering you, or keeping you up at night? long as it's Táve related...don't make this weird.

Included free with your account is access to our free weekly training webinars with Táve staff to make sure you're using your account to its fullest and answer any questions you have along the way.

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