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Sending Event Social Media Information to Yourself by Automation
Sending Event Social Media Information to Yourself by Automation

How I use Táve to send myself Instagram content for each wedding I shoot by automation

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Before each and every wedding I shoot, I build myself the wedding's Instagram information using a combination of one custom field and a really awesome automation.  This helps me be on top of my social media game each time I post content from that wedding, while being sure to give credit where it's due to all the vendors involved!

Making This Happen

You will want to automate this in relation to the wedding date by observing Job › Primary Session, having it run ideally just before the wedding.  I have mine set to generate this email the day before the wedding, as shown below.  Be sure to include any conditions you'd need to specifically target just certain job types, for example.  

In the automation's action, I have built an email template that pre-builds my Instagram captions for me, including some standard local hashtags, custom hashtags I've set on my vendors (more on that below), and all of my vendor and client Instagram handles.  When I first came up with this idea, I originally sent it to myself by making my email address the recipient of the automated email, and then copied it into a Note in my iPhone's Notes app.  But, once I started using Evernote last year, I discovered I can automate this even further by sending it directly into its very own Note in an Evernote Notebook.  Check out the Account Summary section of your Evernote account to find your dedicated Evernote email address. 

This sends this data over to Evernote for me, and I get it all cleaned up there.  I can then reuse it for each future post I share on Instagram from the wedding day all the way up to their first anniversary and beyond!

The Automation Setup

Here's a look at my overall automation:

And this is how this all comes together in one very powerful email template within the automation's action:

Below is the text version if you wish to copy and paste and adjust to meet your needs and account settings.  Of course, you'll need to swap out certain tokens to match the tokens you use for your different types of vendors and clients, but it gives you some inspiration.  Be sure to scroll all the way to the right when copying the entire string.

#nkphoto #njwedding #njbride #njphotographer #njweddingphotographer #newjerseybride #wedding #theknot #weddingphotos #weddingday #bestdayever #love #newjerseybride #newjerseygroom #HuffPostIDo {{venue.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{florist.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{entertainment.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{videographer.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{hairstylist.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{makeup_artist.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{bakery.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{photo_booth.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{catering.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{planner.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{bridal_shopall_girls.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{bridal_shop_bride.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{bridal_shop_bridesmaids.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{bridal_shopall_guys.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{bridal_shopgroom.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{bridal_shopgroomsmen.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{designerbride.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{designerbridesmaids.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{designergroom.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{designergroomsmen.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{printing.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{rental_company.custom.wedding__vendor_hashtags}} {{job.custom.wedding_hashtag}} @{{venue.instagram}} @{{florist.instagram}} @{{entertainment.instagram}} @{{videographer.instagram}} @{{hairstylist.instagram}} @{{makeup_artist.instagram}} @{{bakery.instagram}} @{{photo_booth.instagram}} @{{catering.instagram}} @{{planner.instagram}} @{{bridal_shopall_girls.instagram}} @{{bridal_shop_bride.instagram}} @{{bridal_shop_bridesmaids.instagram}} @{{bridal_shopall_guys.instagram}} @{{bridal_shopgroom.instagram}} @{{bridal_shopgroomsmen.instagram}} @{{designerbride.instagram}} @{{designerbridesmaids.instagram}} @{{designergroom.instagram}} @{{designergroomsmen.instagram}} @{{printing.instagram}} @{{rental_company.instagram}} @{{partnera.instagram}} @{{partnerb.instagram}}

So, Where Does Táve Get All of this Data From?

It takes a few moments of setting up for each of your vendors on a wedding, but if you work with the same vendors often, you only need to add this information to their profiles once, the very first time you work with them on any job.  I use a custom field for the hashtags set up like this, and before each wedding after I get the couple's vendor list in their prep questionnaire (grab a template I've created for your Táve account here), I put each vendor in the job's contact list on the job worksheet.

I have a task due a few days before every wedding to update all vendor social media, which involves finding them on Instagram (and following them of course), and entering their handle in the Social Networking & Chat section in their address book profile here, leaving out the @ symbol, like so:

Next, I pop in any hashtags I'd like to use for their business in this custom field I have created for my contacts in Settings › Custom Fields:

I really hope this automation is super helpful for you guys.  I think it showcases how powerful Táve can be for you and your business!  Don't hesitate to reach out to us from the Support menu with any questions about this, or automating anything else you'd like to take off your plate!

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