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Using Zapier Webhooks with Táve Web Request Automation
Using Zapier Webhooks with Táve Web Request Automation

How to set up a Táve Web Request Automation with Zapier Webhooks to send data from Táve to just about any other system!

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Before we get started it's important to note, as wonderful as our Support team is, they're experts in Táve and not webhooks. We don't provide official support for webhooks at this time.

You'll want to be sure you've set up our Táve Zapier Integration. Read more on that here:

In this example we're going to look at using Webhooks by Zapier along with a Táve Web Request Automation, to send data from Táve to Google Contacts. The Action item of your Zap might be different but hopefully this gets you started on the right track!

In Zapier

You will need to have a Premium Zapier account to use their Webhooks feature.

In Zapier set up a new Zap and select Webhooks by Zapier as your Trigger:

Choose Catch Hook as the event and hit Continue. You can leave the ‘Pick off a Child Key’ field blank and just hit Continue again.

You'll then be given a 'Your webhook URL'. Copy this URL and make a note of it:

Leave Zapier open in this tab as you'll be coming back later to finish setting up your Zap.

In Táve

Open Táve in a new tab and set up an automation. The idea here is when the automation runs, it will send the webhook to Zapier and trigger your Zap to run.

In this example we'll be using a Task > Completed automation but your automation might be observing something different (Job > Primary Session, Lead > Lead Status Changed, etc).

Next, set up any conditions you need for your automation. Here we're going to specify the exact name of the task we want this automation to run for:

The Action to set up will be using the Web Request feature. This is where you'll want to add in the Zapier webhook URL you copied earlier:

In order to pass specific data from Táve to Zapier (such as Name, Email, Phone) you'll have to add in some more details to this URL.

To do so you'll need to add a ? after the URL and then use some description text (these become the fields you can map in your Zap) an = and tokens. The whole URL must have no spaces so use an & between each of your values.

You can also use the Find tokens to insert dropdown to add in the tokens you need.

That might look something like this:


Add it to the end of your webhooks URL:

That whole automation would then look something like this:

Enable your automation and you'll then need to complete a task (with this task name) to run the automation. This is so the Zap can pull in some test data and you can finish setting it up. We recommend having a test Job in your Táve account, adding this task to it and checking that off.

Once you've checked off that task, go to your automation and look at the Execution History to make sure you can see a successful run:

Now head back to Zapier (in that open tab) to finish setting up your Zap.

Back in Zapier

Click Test Trigger and you should see it pull in the details from the test task you just completed in Táve.

If you get a 'We couldn't find a request' error when testing the trigger:

It's likely you've skipped a step. Make sure to run the automation at least once in Táve first so your Zap is able to pull in some test data, to finish setting up your Zap with.

Once you see a successful test and your Zap has found a request:

Hit 'Continue with selected record' and set up the Action of your Zap. You'll then be able to map those fields (the data you passed over from Táve in that Web Request Automation) to the Action fields in your Zap:

Be sure to test your Zap and then Publish it when you're ready to switch it on!

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