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How to Set Up Zapier

Connecting Táve with Zapier

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What is Zapier?

If you're into automation (which, as a Táve user, we'll assume you are), you may have heard of Zapier. In case you haven't, Zapier works as a bridge between apps, allowing automation at a much grander scale.

How the Integration Works

With the Táve Zapier integration you'll be able to either use Táve as the Trigger for your Zap (to send data from Táve to another app) or as the Action for your Zap (to get data from another app in to Táve).

Táve Triggers

In the most recent iteration of our integration, you'll have three triggers that allow you to send data from Táve to another app:

  • Contact Created: This trigger allows you to send contact details to another app (such as MailChimp) any time a new contact is created in Táve.

  • Order Booked: This trigger allows you to send order information from Táve to a third party app when a new order is booked in Táve.

  • Payment Created: Trigger a Zap to send information to another app when a new payment is created in Táve!

Táve Actions

You'll also have two actions that allow you to bring data in to Táve:

  • Create a Job: This action lets you take advantage of third-party scheduling tools (like Calendly and Acuity), making booking and scheduling easier than ever before!

  • Create a Contact: And this action lets you easily generate contacts in your Táve address book from an external source

How to Set Up the Integration

First, you'll head to Settings › API Integrations and click New Zapier Integration:

Once selected, you'll want to use the 'Add the Zapier App' button under Step 1 to open a new tab to Zapier.

The new tab in Zapier will have an 'Add Connection' button, this is how you'll connect Táve with Zapier.

To authenticate the Táve App in Zapier, you'll want to grab your unique API key under Step 2 of the Zapier Integration settings in Táve.

Then paste that key into the window that appears once you've selected the 'Add Connection' in Zapier.

With this done, you are all set to begin creating Zaps in Zapier with Táve!

You can build your first Zap here:

Building Your First Zap

Once you've connected your account, you'll choose and set up the app you'd like to use to create the job. From here, you'll choose your Táve account and select Create a New Job.

Click Continue, and on the next screen you'll be able to assign the information from your triggering app to the job creation in Táve.

Once you've finished adding in all of the information, you will want to run a test. Just make sure to purge any test leads from your Táve account when you're done testing.

After a successful test, you're now ready to turn on your new zap!

Zapier Templates

Our team have created Zapier templates to make building Zaps for popular apps quick and easy. You can find available templates here:

We'd love to hear about the unique ways you use Zapier with Táve! Please let our team know if you have a Zap you think would be useful to add to our template gallery! Email us at!

If you need help troubleshooting your zap's setup, feel free to reach out to our support team with questions. Zapier support can also be contacted to help out!

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