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Zapier: Using Calendly with Táve
Zapier: Using Calendly with Táve
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What is Calendly?

Calendly is a 3rd party Scheduling tool that allows you to build calendar schedules to send clients for the purpose of choosing a date and time. Zapier offers you the ability to set up a trigger to observe when a new event is created and kickoff an action in Táve.

You can read more on Calendly here:

Cheat Sheet

We've created a Zap template for connecting Calendly with Táve, you can find and add this template here: Create Táve jobs from new Calendly invitees

Building the Zap

Like all Zaps, you'll begin building the zap on the Zaps page here:

Once here, you'll find the 'Create Zap' button to start the process.

In the editor, you'll want to give your Zap a name and then use the search to quickly find Calendly:


Make sure you choose the trigger 'Invitee Created', then choose your Calendly account that you've connected.


You'll then want to run a test trigger to pull in event data from Calendly that you'll use when setting up the action.


For the Actions side of things, you'll want to search for Táve then choose the 'Create a Job' action.


When setting up your action, you'll first want to set up your Contact details, mapping these to your Calendly fields:


You'll be able to use the Additional Contact Fields and Contact Custom Fields drop downs to map Calendly fields to additional Contact Profile fields in Táve:


Next you'll want to set up your Job and Event details. You can use the Additional Job Fields and Job Custom Fields drop downs to map Calendly fields to additional Job fields in Táve, including Brand, Lead Source, Lead Status, etc.


**IMPORTANT** When setting up your Event details for this Zap you must use the Event Start Time and Event End Time (date & time) fields:


If Event Type is left blank your Primary Session for this Job Type will be used.

You'll then want to enter your Timezone (this field is required and you can use the search box to easily find the correct one). You can also use the Additional Event Fields drop down to map additional Calendly fields to Táve:


**IMPORTANT** for this Zap do not use the Event Date, Event Start (Time) or Event End (Time) Additional Event Fields.

Once you've completed the set up, you can then Test your Zap. This will send a test Job to your Táve account! Remember to purge any test leads when you're done.


With this done you can now turn on your Zap! 🥳🥳

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