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Task › Completed

Trigger an automation when a specific task is completed

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Runs in relation to the time the task is completed.

If you’ve been using Workflows in Táve, an automation observing Task › Completed will be super useful. Since workflows are based on tasks, you might want to trigger something to happen once you check off something for your task list. We've installed an example for you in the template gallery to start with, but read on for directions on how to make your own!

In the example below, I’m triggering an email confirmation to go out to a wedding lead when I've checked off a task related to me scheduling their consultation on the lead's schedule.

When setting up this type of automation, you'll use a condition for {{}} must exactly match [the task name] to tell it which specific task you want to trigger the action(s), like this:

Other ideas:

  • Send another Team Member an email when a task is complete

  • Add another task after you’ve completed one

This is a really cool idea that came from Facebook User Victor Hanna. He has a task in his workflow called “Follow up on image selection”, as soon as he checks it off, the automation will create another follow up task that’s due in 5 days later AND send an email to the client following up on their image selection. Check out his automation:

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