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Learn the ways you can connect your Táve events with Google Calendar.

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There are multiple ways you can connect Táve with Google Calendar! Below you can find instructions for both options as well as answers to some frequently asked questions our team has received about our two-way Google Calendar integration.

While using our two-way integration is recommended, there may be circumstances when someone would need a one-way subscription to one of your Táve calendar feeds.

  • If you’re looking for more privacy for your team than a full sync

  • If you only want a feed to be restricted to certain event types or job types

  • If you want to filter your calendar feed on a finer level

For instructions on subscribing to a published Táve calendar feed or subscribing to an outside Google Calendar feed in Táve, click on the appropriate link below to navigate to that section of this article.


Option 1: Using Táve's Two-Way Google Calendar Integration

Syncing your company's events with Google Calendar is easier than ever with our Google Calendar integration. This option allows for a more instantaneous two-way sync that's packed with a couple of other great features!

Highlights of Our Google Calendar Integration

  • Save time with real-time, two-way integration: Any changes you make in Google Calendar – like editing an event name or changing the date – will instantly be reflected back in Táve, and vice versa.

  • Pull & push: Pull events into Táve by subscribing to any of your connected Google Calendar feeds. Push Táve events to a newly-created "Táve" calendar feed in Google Calendar.

  • Share your event details with attendees: Your event attendees who also use Google Calendar will get to see the event's times, location, other attendees, and helpful notes you've added on the event on their own calendar. For those attendees who also use Google Calendar, the event will automatically show up on their calendar!

Note: Event notes are visible to ALL attendees. This means if your client uses Google Calendar and you choose to sync attendees to Google, your client will see the notes as well. This is a great opportunity to share details with your clients and help them feel organized, but you’ll want to make sure that everything in those notes is ok for all attendees/guests to see. You can choose to sync only Team Members to Google Calendar if you prefer to keep notes private from clients.

Adding the Integration

Head to Settings > Calendar Settings to add a Google Calendar integration to your account. From the Calendar Settings page, select 'New Google Integration' from the Calendar Integrations section. You'll immediately be prompted to log into Google to authorize the integration. Once you've authorized Google Calendar, you'll configure the integration.


There are two main configurations for each Google Calendar integration. You'll decide configurations for what Táve events to push to Google Calendar and which other Google Calendar feeds you have that you'll subscribe to inside Táve.

Pushing Events to Google Calendar

You can choose to publish no Táve events to Google Calendar, only the events where you are marked as an attendee, or all events. By default, all events will be pushed to Google. You can also specify if you want tentative events to be included as well.

By default, your integration will exclude the event attendees, but if you'd like them to be added as guests on the events in Google Calendar, you can enable that option. As mentioned above, the attendees who also use Google Calendar will automatically see the event on their Google Calendar! Remember that this will allow them to see any event notes you've included on their event.

Last, if you have multiple brands on your Táve account, you can choose which brand(s) to sync on this new integration. If you have separate Google accounts for each of your brands, this allows you to have unique integrations. You'll want to follow the steps above to integrate each Google Calendar account for each brand if you'd prefer to not have one integration for All Brands.

As part of the integration process, Táve will create a new calendar inside Google called Táve. If you wish to change the name of this feed or the color assigned to its events, you can customize those through the calendar feed's settings inside Google Calendar.

Note: Only recent events forward will be synced to and from Google.

Subscribing to Google Calendars

When configuring your Google Calendar integration, you'll also be able to subscribe to calendars that already exist in Google Calendar. Simply check the box next to the calendar(s) whose events you want to pull into Táve.

Note: Events on your Google Calendar feeds will be recognized as "meeting" events and will trigger automations that observe Calendar › Meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions we've heard about our new Google Calendar integration. If you run into any questions that aren't addressed here, reach out by Support message and someone on our team will help you out!

Q. Are notes visible to ALL attendees / guests on an event?

A. Yes, if your client uses Google Calendar and you choose to sync attendees to Google, your client will see the notes too. This is a great opportunity to share details with your clients and help them feel organized, but make sure that everything in those notes is ok for all attendees/guests to see.

Q. Can I keep notes private if I want to?

A. Yep, you sure can! Choose to sync only Team Members to Google Calendar if you prefer to keep notes private from other attendees like clients.

Q. Will attendees receive a notification by email when an event they’re attending is added to my calendar?

A. No, they will not receive an email when an event they’re attending is added to Google Calendar.

Q. Can I create separate Google Calendar feeds for each of my different brands?

A. Yes! You can set a specific brand assignment for a Google Calendar feed created with this new integration. You can integrate with multiple Google Calendar accounts and have one Google Calendar feed per account (brand) that is integrated.

Q. How do I customize the color used inside Táve for events on my “Tave” feed coming in from Google Calendar?

A. The color for the Táve events from Google Calendar will come in as the same color that the feed is set to in its settings on the Google Calendar end, so you can adjust that color from there, if needed.

Q. Can I change the name of the calendar feed that's created in Google Calendar to something other than Táve?

A. You can customize the name of the feed, much like the color assigned to it, through the settings inside your Google Calendar account.

Q. I’ve set up the new integration and notice I’m seeing duplicate events in Google Calendar, as well as double book warnings in Táve. What would cause this?

A. It sounds like you may still have a subscription active on Google Calendar using our original one-way calendar subscription option. If you’re now integrating with the Google Calendar account that you previously subscribed to that feed on, you’ll begin seeing those events syncing back within Táve. To avoid this duplication, you’ll simply want to delete the one-way subscription to that original Táve calendar feed.


Option 2: Sharing Calendars with Google Calendar Using a One-Way Subscription

Subscribing to a Specific Published Táve Calendar Feed in Google Calendar

This is a quick tutorial on how to set up a one-way subscription to your Táve calendar feeds within Google Calendar so that your Táve events will show up alongside your other Google calendars.

Creating Your Calendar Feeds in Táve

The first step is creating the Táve calendar feeds you’d like to use. You can create a number of different feeds based on your needs. Check out the article linked to below for step-by-step instructions for creating your Táve calendar feeds.

The calendar URL’s, as shown in the screenshot below, are what we will need later to set up the feed subscription in Google Calendar.

Adding Your Calendar Subscription in Google Calendar

Once you open your Google Calendar account, you can subscribe to an outside calendar feed by clicking on the + sign on the left side of the screen.

You’ll find a From URL option in the menu that appears.

Now, head over to your Táve calendar feeds at Settings › Calendar Feeds and copy the URL of the feed you’d like to subscribe to in Google Calendar. You’re going to paste it into the window that pops up in Google Calendar and subscribe. You’ll see the new calendar appear in the list of Other Calendars on the left.

Note: Do NOT click or tap on the hyperlink for the calendar feed, as this may trigger email notifications to go out to event attendees. Be sure to just copy and paste.

Customizing Your Calendar Subscription

If you select the icon to the right of your new calendar feed, you’ll see some customization options. For example, you can choose the custom color for this calendar right here in this menu. You can click on Settings to find additional settings, such as changing the calendar feed name, and customizing your event notifications.

NOTE: The first time you subscribe to a Táve calendar feed on Google Calendar, it may be a little delayed in pulling in all of your event data. Subscribed calendars sync in Google Calendar based on Google’s sync schedule, not Táve’s. As you continue to populate your Táve calendar with your upcoming events, Google will recognize it more easily, speeding up the sync process going forward.

Subscribing to a Specific Google Calendar Feed in Táve

This tutorial will provide the steps required to add a Google Calendar feed subscription to your Táve account so you can see your Google events alongside your Táve ones.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are trying to subscribe to a Google calendar within Táve, you are going to experience an error unless you adjust your calendar sharing options in Google. You have to change the calendar sharing settings to public and then ensure that all future events you want to appear on Táve are public as well.

Your Google Apps calendar access permissions inside your calendar feed's Settings should look like this:

Finding Your Google Calendar URL

In order to add a subscription to your Google calendar within your Táve account, you first need to find the custom URL assigned to your external calendar. When viewing your Google Calendars page, navigate down to the calendar you’d like to subscribe to under the My calendars section along the left side of the screen. Click on the dropdown menu to the right of the calendar and select Settings and sharing.

Next, you’ll scroll down to Integrate calendar and copy the Public address in iCal format here:

Creating the Subscription to Your Google Calendar in Táve

Once in your Táve account, you’re going to navigate to Settings › Calendar Settings and choose the New Subscription button in the Calendar Subscriptions section. On this screen you will paste the URL you copied from your Google calendar settings in the URL feed. You can give your Google calendar a name of your choice, and select the color you’d like its events to display as in your Táve calendar views.

Your Táve account will shortly begin to fetch any changes to your newly subscribed calendar! You can always refer back to the Calendar Feeds page to see the current status of an external calendar subscription, including information on the last time Táve successfully fetched new data, as well as any potential errors.


No matter which method you use for working with Google Calendar, if you ever run into any trouble, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team for help by clicking the Support link at the top of your Táve account.

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