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Instructions for subscribing to your Táve calendar feed in other apps, and subscribing to outside calendars within Táve

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Creating Your Táve Calendar Feeds

The first step is creating the Táve calendar feeds you’d like to use.  You can create a number of different feeds based on your needs.  For example, you can create feeds that will show only specific Event Types, Job Types and even only events in which a specific contact in your Address Book is an attendee.  If you’d like to give someone a more private feed of just your availability shown as simply “busy” or “free”, you can do that too.  You can create these feeds in Settings › Calendar Settings by clicking on the New Calendar Feed button as shown below.

After selecting the New Calendar Feed option, you’ll select the kind of events you want published in this feed.  You can also restrict the feed to show only the past 3 months of history, as opposed to the default showing the entire history of events, if you prefer this option.

You can now customize the following in each Táve calendar feed you create:

  • Kind of Event: Confirmed, Tentative, All Events, Available/Busy Only

  • Event Type: Restrict the feed to only include specific account Event Types

  • Job Type: Restrict the feed to only include specific account Job Types

  • Brand: Restrict the feed to only include specific account Brands

  • Attendee: Choose from any existing contact in your Address Book or create a new one on the fly (see more on creating calendar feeds for event attendees)

Once a new feed is saved, you can always hover over the Kind in your list of Calendar Feeds to see what filters are applied to that feed:

Once you’ve saved the new calendar feed, you’ll see a URL created (as seen in the top screenshot above). These URL’s are what we will need later to set up the feed subscription in Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, or on your mobile device.

Anyone can subscribe to a calendar feed with the URL address, they do not need to be a Táve subscriber.

Subscribing to Táve Calendars

Subscribing to Outside Calendars in Táve

You can also import external public calendar feeds into Táve so you can see everything in one place. You do this through adding a subscriptions feed from Settings › Calendar Settings using the New Subscription button and pasting the calendar's URL and assigning it a name and color:

Subscribing to External Calendars

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