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Customizing Your Táve Account
Customizing Your Branding to Match Your Business 🎨
Customizing Your Branding to Match Your Business 🎨

How to customize what your clients see when you send them something from Táve.

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This article reviews how to customize the look and feel of your primary brand on your new Táve account.  If you're looking to add an additional brand on your account and get that set up, check out our article on Setting Up Additional Brands.

Client Access 

Client access is the term we use for any page where your client interacts with Táve. It’s your contact form, questionnaires, contracts, quotes, invoices, payment pages, client portal, etc.

One of the greatest parts about Táve is how free you are to customize this so it feels just like the rest of your business.

We’ll do that by customizing the ‘Look & Feel’ of your brand in Settings › Branding. All accounts will have one brand by default, but adding a second one can be a great way to strengthen your business and grow it at the same time!

Look & Feel

Branding Images

  • Page Header - Appears at the top of all client access pages

  • Page Footer - Appears at the bottom of all client access pages

  • Page Background - Appears in the background behind your content.  If you leave this empty, it will just use the color from Page Background under "Colors" below.

  • Printout Logo - A smaller logo that appears in the top right corner of your orders and invoices.

  • Email Logo - This is only necessary if you don't already have a logo in your email signature in Settings › Main Settings, as this will be inserted at the very bottom of all outgoing emails

All of these images are optional, so don't worry about putting an image in every section. Most studios just use the Page Header and Printout Logo. 

Make sure to check the recommended sizes for these. If you want a starting point, we've made some Photoshop templates just for you!


Once your images are uploaded, you can customize colors as well.

  • Page Background - Background color for the page if an image is not set

  • Box Background - Background of the box that contains your content

  • Text Color - The color of all body text

  • Primary Color - The primary color for your brand

  • Secondary Color - An accent color for your brand

  • Footer Text - If you've added some footer text, this will control the color of the text

  • Error - If an error is generated (i.e. a required field is left blank) this will control the color of the error text

  • Printout Accent - An accent color specifically for your PDF printouts

Previewing Client Access

You can quickly preview what this looks like by clicking the link under the root contact form for this brand. 

If you want to see what a full quote or invoice looks like, you can always create a test job and add your quote to it, then just click the Direct Link option to see what your clients will see.

Branding above is for Dave Shay Photography (Weddings) in a quote.

Táve user Dawn Elizabeth shows her simple branding in a public questionnaire.

Advanced Users

Do you want to take it further? We understand how much you like control, so we've given you the option to use advanced CSS if you'd like to. Just know a few things:

  1. Táve is a constantly evolving software and our CSS is subject to change at any time. This means you'll want to keep eye on things and make sure your code still looks perfect.

  2. As wonderful as our support team is, they're experts in Táve, not CSS, so we do not provide official support for CSS. Any changes you make are done at your own risk.

  3. Be sure to review and adhere to our HTML Content Security Policy

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