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Email Setup

Setting up and using email in Táve

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Sending emails through Táve can be a really powerful way to communicate with your clients. When you send email from within the system you have access to email templates, tokens, branding emails, automations, and more!

Getting Started in Mail Settings

Let’s start with setting up your email. We’re going to do this by going to Settings › Mail Settings.

In Mail Settings you'll see your General Settings, Default From Addresses and the Mail Servers you have set up. You'll also be able to add new Custom SMTP servers and new Gmail Integrations from here.

The 'Edit Settings' button will let you edit your General Settings and Default From Addresses:

General Settings

Default the Recipient List to All Clients

When composing an email on a lead or job, checking this setting will mean the 'recipient' of the email is auto-populated with the client contacts on the job.

Click & Open Tracking

Knowing how a client interacts with the emails you send is important. From opening the email to clicking the links you've provided, this can be useful to have insight into. In General Settings, you'll find two options allowing you to control if you'd like to enable these tracking features in the emails you send to your clients.

Click-tracking allows you gain insight into if clients have followed the links you've sent in an email.


Open-tracking inserts a small pixel into emails sent to your clients. This will tell you if a client has opened an email or not.


**Many popular email services are beginning to target emails utilizing pixel tracking (like Apple Mail) and skewing the results or potentially flagging the message as spam. Having the ability to turn these features on/off helps to provide you the control you need in how you communicate with your clients.

Default From Addresses

Here you'll be able to select the emails you'd like to be used as the Default Sender for each of your Brands:

You'll be able to select from any integrated Gmail or Custom SMTP server.

Your Brand Sender will be the email used to send automated messages like payment receipts and automation emails.

Mail Servers

In the Mail Severs section you'll see all the emails you're currently using in Táve. You can add Gmail integrations and Custom SMTP servers. Find out more on those options here:

Using Email Templates

Tired of writing the same email over and over again? Well, you can save a ton of time and set up an email as a template so that it’s ready to go when you create an email from within Táve. Set up your email templates by going to Settings > Email Templates.

Viewing Email Status

One of the best features of using Táve to send your emails is that you can view whether or not the email has been Sent, Delivered, Opened, Read, and if any links within the email have been clicked. View this information in the Email Activity Log on the left sidebar menu or under the Mail tab on a job’s profile page.  

Importing Emails Back Into Táve

Emails sent from Táve will go to the recipient’s inbox. However, when they reply, their response will go back to your normal email client if you're not using our Gmail Integration. If you'd like to log the response in Táve so you can keep track of all client-related communication, you'll import it by forwarding it to the appropriate brand's BCC address.  If you are replying to the email outside of Táve and would like to get the thread into Táve at the same time, you'll just BCC that email address when sending.

Your account's BCC email address for each brand can now be found in Settings › Branding in the Address for Importing Email column, as shown below:

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