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Setting Up and Using an Email Signature
Setting Up and Using an Email Signature

Creating and Using an Email Signature in Email Templates

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Creating Your Email Signature

When building your Email Templates or even just sending a standard email, you can set up a brand signature that can appear whenever you use the {{brand.email_signature}} token.

Notice the {{brand.email_signature}} token at the bottom of the email template above. Every time that appears, it will be replaced by the contents that you put into your email signature.

You can set up one email signature per Brand. You'll find the Email Signature section here in Settings > Branding. Edit your brand and you'll see this in the Look & Feel section here:

You can also add images into this signature field by using the ‘Insert File’ option in the editor bar: 

Once you insert the image, click on it to use the resizing adjustment in the bottom right corner.

Making Different Email Signatures for Additional Brands

If you’re using Táve with multiple brands, you can set up an email signature for each brand.

You'll find the Email Signature in the same place on each of your brands - in the Look & Feel section.

The great thing about using the {{brand.email_signature}} token is that it will automatically fill in the correct brand signature based on what brand is set for the job. You can change a job’s brand by editing the job worksheet.

Using the Brand Email Signature Token in Your Emails

At the top right of all of your email templates and manually drafted emails, you'll have a Tokens search option here.  If you click on that, you can search for the {{brand.email_signature}} token there to insert it into the email.

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