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Building Stronger Business Identity by Using Multiple Brands 💪
Building Stronger Business Identity by Using Multiple Brands 💪

Why is multiple brand support important in a CRM?

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What Is It That You Do? 🤔

Your business probably does more than one thing. Are you making it clear to your customers what exactly it is that you do?

What Are We Telling Our Customers? 📢

Branding and the visual representation is more important now than it has ever been. In a visual marketplace, consumers have access to hundreds of options at a glance. You need to stand out and prove your value immediately. When you start off a single business with one goal, this is easy, but if your business offers multiple services this can get confusing quickly. How do you create the ideal sales pipeline for a client looking for one of your services when you offer them so many? Are you giving your clients confidence that you're the right fit for their job, or are you just shouting all the things you do at them?

Isolating Your Voice 📞

Dividing pieces of your business that compete against each other for attention into their own brands gives you the opportunity to market yourself as an expert in that one area and lock your target client without making them sort through a bunch of material never intended for them to see.

You get one chance to book each client. Make sure they’re being presented with the information they need and nothing more. 

The first question you have to deal with is how far do you take this? Do I need separate Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Instant Messenger, and fax number for every facet of my business? The short answer is, yes... If you hate having free time. Otherwise, probably not. Isolate the different places that those clients are most likely to find you, and create from there. For some, this will mean two separate websites, for others it means a LinkedIn profile that directs to a different page on your website. 

Your business shouldn't compete against itself.

A good rule of thumb is that if your services can add on to each other, you can keep them together. If they don't overlap, they should be separate. If you're selling corporate headshots, wedding photography, and a GIF booth, there's a good chance that your wedding clients will book a GIF booth. While possible, it's very unlikely that they'll book you for a corporate shoot the same time as their wedding. Since those two services can compete for attention, make sure they're separated to strengthen each brand individually. Don't confuse your clients. 

Appearances Matter 🎨

One of the biggest mistakes professionals make when they book their clients is thinking that the appearance doesn't matter at this point. They want to book with us, so we're good. Maintaining a consistent brand throughout the entire process is essential to confirming yourself as the expert. One of the biggest reasons people choose Táve as their business management software, is the ability to have multiple looks to the different brands inside of an account. Being able to send over a booking link specifically branded for commercial clients, and send a softer branded quote full of wedding images to a bride moments later is a game-changer. 

Growing Your Business 📈

Adding a second brand in Táve takes a few minutes at most to upload the images and get everything together, but the real power of doing a second brand in your Táve account will come when you first discover the advanced reporting Táve offers. By breaking down your profit and loss, lead sources, and product sales by each brand, you're able to see how to strengthen and grow each branch of your business, both individually and as a whole.

Wrap Up 🎀

While it's not going to be the right move for everyone, separating your services into separate brands is something that's worth looking into. Take some time to study the services you offer and make sure your voice to your clients is clear and concise. Once you've got your brands figured out, use the tools from a software like Táve to build your business to the best it can be.

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