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Plans and Pricing

Understanding the plans Táve offers and how they can serve you best.

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How Táve Scales With You

The plans Táve has to offer for you are aimed specifically around your success as a business. These plans will help your business where it is now and be ready for every stage of growth your business will hit. You can always upgrade when you're ready.

Pricing Terms


A user is any individual login to your Táve account. You can always hide your Reports section or some Settings from non-admin users, but if you need to have a few people inside your account, you'll want to add a user or two.


Brands are breakdowns of your business inside your account. These change both the appearance of the way your clients book with you and see their documents, as well as how you can report on your company. If you want a little bit of separation between parts of your business, using multiple brands is a great way to see, measure, and ensure growth for your company.


Every business is in a different place, so we offer monthly billing to keep things flexible for you. These plans are a little higher than our Annual plans, so once you've tested the waters and have seen all that Táve can do for you, we always recommend switching to an annual plan. After all, the best way to make money is to save money.


We value that you're committing to us to help grow your business and we want to pay you back in kind! Our annual plans come with a discount baked in! The longer you stay, the more you save.

Ready to go? 

Want Changes

You can upgrade your subscription at any time, directly from within your account's Manage Subscription page. If you ever have any questions about which plan is right for your business, shoot Support a message and we'll take great care of you!

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