Setting Up Additional Brands

Setting up and customizing a second brand on your account.

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What is a Brand?

Táve gives you the ability to set up multiple brands. What’s important to remember about brands is that they are NOT separate businesses. They are visual representations of the same business.

Why Would You Want to Set Up a Second Brand?

You may work with a variety of different types of clients and you’ve created marketing material geared towards those different clients. For example, if you have a photography business that does wedding photography but you also have a photo booth that you offer as a service, you probably have different marketing collateral for those two different services. You may have different logos or colors that are specific to them. The administrative side of the two services is the same. You file taxes under the umbrella business that covers them both. You have the same or similar workflows related to working with them.

This is where multiple brands come into play in Táve.

Setting up an Additional Brand

In order for you to be able to add an additional brand, your subscription must include it. If your subscription doesn’t include more than one brand, you will be prompted to upgrade. 

To create our additional brand we’ll go to Settings › Branding where you’ll click on the green ‘New Brand’ button. From there, you’ll go through much of the same settings that you did with your original brand, including giving the brand a name, setting a website, the secure alias and custom domain. If you forget what these mean, you can read this article about personalizing your Táve URL and setting up your CNAME alias.

Note: The email address you set up here is where notification emails relating to this brand will be sent. If you'd like to set up the default email for this brand (for sending out emails to clients) you can do this in Settings > Mail Settings. Find out more on that here in Email Setup.

During your initial setup, you may have created a Táve contact form that creates leads automatically. For your additional brand, you may want to create an additional contact form so that when a potential client fills out that form, a new lead is not only created, but its brand is set to the additional brand. Once you’ve created the additional contact form, come back to these branding settings and set it as your ‘Root Contact Form’.

Brand Settings

You'll be able to set up some basic information about your additional brand, including Location, Office Hours, Phone Numbers and Client Access Settings.

Look & Feel

As mentioned above, your additional brand is the visual representation of a different part of your business. In the ‘Look & Feel’ section, you can set up the colors, add logos, add the email signature for this brand, and change the footer that appears when clients are interacting with your Táve account. When using multiple brands, each brand can look different.

Once you have your settings in place for the look & feel, you can use your ‘Secure Address’ or ‘Custom Address’ above to see what things look like. As long as you have a root contact form set, you’ll see the contact form at those URLs.

How to Set Another Brand for a Job

Now that you’ve got everything set up for your additional brand, let’s look at how it gets set on a job.

If you’re using a built-in Táve Contact Form, and you’ve set it as the ‘Root Contact Form’, then new leads that come through that contact form will automatically be set with the additional brand. That means that every Client Access page that your client sees will have the specified branding.

The second way you can set a job’s brand is by editing the job worksheet. When you’re viewing the overview tab on a job, click the button for ‘Edit Job Worksheet’,  then set the brand using the dropdown menu in the Job Profile box.

Once that’s set, all interactions including questionnaires, emails, proposals, etc. will use the additional brand settings. You can also set up Calendar Feeds specific to a brand.


Many of the reports in Táve can be filtered by brand so that you can see data related to just jobs set to a certain brand. Those reports are:

  • Accounts Receivable

  • General Ledger

  • Sales Tax Liability

  • Income & Expense Reports

  • Profit Centers

  • Job Type

  • Lead Source

  • Payment

  • Product

  • Lead Closed Reasons

  • and all Progress Reports

Separating Account Content by Brand

It's important to note that brands share everything within an account, as it wasn't the original intention to manage completely separate business as brands in Táve (although a lot of users do that).  You can add filters to your various custom reports in the left sidebar to restrict certain lists to be by brand by adding a "brand" filter, but your dashboard widgets will always be a combination of all of your account brands. For complete separation you would require separate Táve accounts.

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