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How to Link ShootProof Galleries to Táve Jobs
How to Link ShootProof Galleries to Táve Jobs

Easy and personalized access to your gallery data in Táve.

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Link Táve events with ShootProof galleries right from the job overview. Connecting your galleries to Táve helps you keep everything for your business in one place and lets you put a face to a name. 

Integrating ShootProof

If you haven't already, you'll need to integrate your ShootProof account with your Táve account. Head to Settings › Gallery Integrations and click CONNECT on the ShootProof tile at the top:

You'll be prompted to log into ShootProof with your login credentials and grant Táve certain permissions.

Connecting Galleries

To link one or more galleries to a Táve job, you'll head to the job overview where you'll find the Galleries widget. Simply hit the 'Link Gallery' button to browse or search your ShootProof galleries.


You can also create a new gallery by hitting the 'Create New' button. You'll be prompted to say which Táve event you're linking the gallery to as well as any Táve contact you'd like to set as the Linked Contact in ShootProof. If that linked contact doesn't exist in ShootProof yet, we'll create it!

Once you've linked a new or existing gallery, you'll have quick access to all the important information associated with that gallery. Use the 'Manage' button to jump to that gallery's studio panel in ShootProof. Use the 'Open Gallery' button to open the client link to the gallery.

Gallery Tokens

Personalize your emails to clients with gallery tokens including gallery link, passwords, expiration dates and more. 


Since each gallery is linked to a specific Táve event, you can use any event type tokens to access the gallery data.  

Agenda and Jobs Lists

Add ShootProof Cover Photo, and other gallery-related columns to your Agenda and Job section lists as well as easily sort and filter based on gallery data (create a saved list of upcoming expiring galleries). 

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