Creating Your First Contract In Táve

How to import your contract to Táve. Building contracts once, so you don't have to again.

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Get a Head Start

One of the first steps we'll need to take in getting your clients booked is getting your contracts into Táve. With templates to get started, this process couldn't be easier.
First let's head to the Template Gallery and install a template.

Once here, pick a template to get you started and then click Install to install it into your Táve account.


The top section is pretty straightforward. Start by naming the contract, then add in a line for every signature field you'd like (two signatures = two lines), and what you'd like your signature field to be. Note that we'll append "Signature:" to the end of what you list here for each signature.

Customize It

Now that we've got that done, let's start to build out our contract. If you'd like to add a logo, you can do so by deleting our placeholder and clicking the 'add file' icon. Once you've inserted your file, you can modify the size of it.

Once you've inserted your file, you can modify the size of it by clicking on it and dragging the square in the corner.

Contract Details

Below our logo, we'll be tasked with adding the information for our contracts. Táve does this a bit differently than a written contract and will fill in the information for you using tokens. Tokens are just placeholders for information that will fill from our job, contacts, or quote or order. 

It's important to note, that Táve must have this information before they get to the contract screen, so you will need to either enter it manually, or collect it via questionnaire.


Let's start with the contact and primary session (or main event for this job) tokens.  By using the and xx.address tokens, we can fill in this contract with your client's name and address. Same goes for our brand below. This is helpful for using the same contract template across multiple brands. 


After that we'll move to our event. In Táve the job's main event is called the primary session, and with jobs that have multiple events on them, it's a great way to distinguish which event the contract primarily covers. To add this event to the contract, we'll use the primary_session tokens, specifically the xx.start_date_long, xx.address, and xx.start/end_time tokens. You can see what those look like below.


Lastly, we'll add in some extra tokens that help us bring in the details of the agreement, and ensure everyone is on the same page. Below you'll see what these tokens look like in a wedding photography contract.

  1. {{booked_order.summary}} - A summary of the order that is being booked.

  2. {{payment_schedule.summary_text}} - a one line summary of when each payment is due

  3. {{payment_schedule.summary_list}} - a list version of when each payment is due

  4. {{contract.initials_box}} - a box a client must initial in order to complete the contract

Your Contract

With the header of our contract complete, we can finish this process easily by dropping in the text of our contract below the header we've created. If you have any issues with formatting, try right-clicking and clicking 'paste as plain text' and formatting it inside of Táve. 

Wrapping Up

After reviewing our finished product to make sure we're all set, let's save this as a template, and save ourselves the headache of having to start from scratch every time we want to book a client. 

Ready to get them booked? Send them a quote to get a signed contract and a payment all in the same link!

Want to send the contract by itself? You can do that too!

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