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Sending Contracts

Learn how to send contracts to your clients

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Now that you’ve created your Contract Template and added in the necessary tokens, you'll need to send it to your clients so you can get them on the books. There are two ways you can get your clients to sign a contract in Táve.

Option 1: Include the Contract in a Quote

The first way is within a quote during the booking process. This is great to get a client completely booked, all in one step. To include a contract in a quote, simply attach the contract you’ve created when building your quote in the provided Contract dropdown shown below. During the quote booking process your client will be walked through several steps: Quote › Questionnaire › Contract › Payment.

Option 2: Send an Email Invitation to the Contract

This option allows you to send a standalone contract to your client, when it is outside of the quote booking process.  To do this you'll first head to the Contracts tab of their lead or job, and then you’ll select the contract you wish to send from the Add Contract button there. 

Tip: You can choose the Print Preview button when drafting a contract to double check the way the contract's tokens will be filled in for your client to make sure everything looks right before sending. This is important as a contract cannot be modified once signed by the client without sending an amended contract.

If you're ready to send the contract out, you'll select Save and Continue and you will use the Email button next to the contract on the job's Contracts tab on the next page.

Below is the default contract invitation email template that's provided with your account. You can change the wording to whatever you’d like or create additional email templates you'd like in Settings › Email Templates. However, it’s really important that you always include a version of our "item" tokens to pull a link to the contract into the email you're sending.


There are a few token methods that will correctly link the Contract:

  1. {{item.name_link}} – This will create a hyperlink of the name of the contract (this is the simplest method).

  2. {{item.link_start}}Your Contract{{item.link_end}} – This will turn the text “Your Contract” into a hyperlink to the contract.

  3. {{item.link_start}}Your {{}} Contract{{item.link_end}} – This will add the name of the contract and link all of the text between start and end tokens.

Feel free to hit the Preview button at the top of your email draft before you send it. The preview allows you to see how the tokens fill in so you can verify before sending.

Automating the Sending of a Contract

We’ve explained the two primary ways of sending contracts (attaching it to a quote or creating an email invitation). Alternatively, you can have Táve do it for you!

Now, go get your clients booked!

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