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Sending a Quote, Questionnaire or Contract Through Automation
Sending a Quote, Questionnaire or Contract Through Automation

Automatically send out quotes, questionnaires, or contacts to your clients

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If you haven’t already, check out how to set up a questionnaire here.  You can also see the different ways of manually sending a questionnaire.

Automations are a great way to save yourself some time by sending clients a quote or questionnaire at a specific time. A good example of this is sending a wedding prep questionnaire one month before the wedding date.

Before we get into the automation, there are a few things we need to make sure we include in the email that we send to be sure that the quote or questionnaire is attached. Check out my email below:

Hi guys!

Can you believe it? Only a month to go!

I'm sure you guys are well into putting together the final details for your wedding. Here is the wedding prep questionnaire that I have my couples fill out about a month before the wedding. It'll give me some good information that I'll use to help prep for the day including timeline, family portrait groups, and vendor contact information.

{{item.link_start}} {{}} {{item.link_end}}

Please don't hesitate to send me questions as the wedding day approaches. I'm really looking forward to it and I want to make sure I can be of any help to make it a great day.



The REALLY important text you need to include in all your emails to which you attach a quote or questionnaire is:

{{item.link_start}} {{}} {{item.link_end}}

The language can change a bit too and you don’t always have to use the {{}} token. Your link could look like this too:

Please click {{item.link_start}}here to complete our questionnaire{{item.link_end}

Ok, now that we made sure those tokens are in the email we’re sending, let’s set up the automation.

Our ‘Send email’ action looks like this:

Above, we see that we are sending the email to the “Clients” using the template “Wedding Prep” and attaching the questionnaire “Wedding Prep Questionnaire”. Remember, that these will need to already be created in their respective locations. To create a new template, go to Settings › Email Templates. Remember to include the link language that we mentioned above. To create a new Questionnaire, use the “Questionnaires” menu on the left inside Tave and then click “All Forms” then the button “New Form”. You can find more instructions on setting up questionnaires here. 

Automatically Sending Out Quotes

Sending a quote is almost identical to sending a questionnaire. You need to be sure to include the link language in your template email and then you would attach your specific quote:

In order for your quote to show up under this attach menu, you will need to save a quote as a template when you are creating it for the first time. You can build the quote in Settings › Quotes.

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