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Inviting Clients to Schedule an Event by Automation
Inviting Clients to Schedule an Event by Automation
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Note: Online Scheduling is in its initial beta release. To see what scheduling and booking features the team is currently working on, visit the Scheduling Beta Roadmap page in your account. If you have a feature request pertaining to online scheduling or booking, be sure to get that documented on our Feature Request board.

You can now invite clients to schedule an event with you by automation 🎉

This automation works in a similar way to sending a Quote, Questionnaire or Contract by automation. You'll want to use the Send Email action, use a Bookable Event Invite email template and select the Bookable Event you want to send a link to in the Reference item for tokens dropdown.

Here's some examples below of how you might want to use automations to send out Bookable Event Invitations:

Sending New Leads an Invitation to Schedule a Call

When a new lead comes in you might want to have an automation set up to send an invitation to schedule an initial phone call with you.

This automation is observing Lead › Created and executing immediately. We've added a condition so it only runs when the new lead is a web lead (i.e. it's come in from a contact form or public questionnaire):

The action setup is to send an email with an invitation to our Call Bookable Event:

You'll want to select one of your Bookable Event Invite email templates in the Template dropdown:

Be sure your email template contains an 'item link' token, e.g. {{item.name_link}} (and not the Direct Link to the bookable event):

This 'item link' token will then become a clickable link to the item that's selected in the Reference item for tokens dropdown. In that dropdown, select the Bookable Event that you want to send an invitation to:

When this automation runs, an email will be sent out to the client inviting them to book a call. This invitation will be added to their lead in Táve. You'll see this in the Pending Invites section on the lead's Schedule:

When they book their call, it'll be added to their Schedule:

Sending Booked Clients an Invitation to Schedule an Event

You might want to set up an automation to run at a certain time before the primary session. For example, sending your wedding clients an invitation to book their engagement session, or a final planning call 1 month before their wedding.

This automation is observing Job › Primary Session and executing 1 month before. We've added a condition to say the Job Type must contain the text Wedding, so this only runs for our wedding jobs:

The action setup is to send an email with an invitation to our Final Planning Call Bookable Event:

This automation will run for all our wedding jobs 1 month before the primary session. It'll send out an email to the client(s) with an invitation to our Final Planning Call Bookable Event. This invitation will be added to the job's schedule in Pending Invites:

When the client books, the Final Planning Call event will be added to their schedule:

Manually Inviting Clients to Book an Event

If you don't want to use an automation, you can manually send an invitation to a Bookable Event from any lead or job in Táve.

See what else we have planned for online scheduling and unassisted booking on our Beta Roadmap!

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