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Booking › Event Scheduled Online
Booking › Event Scheduled Online
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Runs immediately or at 8am studio time on the day specified in the ‘Execute’ box.

You can now select Booking › Event Scheduled Online from the list of Observing options when creating or editing an Automation, and doing so will run the automation any time a Bookable Event booking is made.

If you would prefer the Automation ran only when the Event Booking is confirmed, just check the option that reads Wait for event to be confirmed.

You can add in a condition for the specific Bookable Event name using the token, for example:

Then have this automation send out an information email to your client, letting them know all about the event they've booked with you:

Other ideas:

  • Send a quote to your client when a bookable event is booked

  • Send an email to specific team members when a bookable event is booked

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