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Adding a Scheduling Condition to Automations
Adding a Scheduling Condition to Automations
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With the release of Unassisted Booking, you'll see a banner at the top of your account prompting you to review and update any existing automations that may be triggered when a when a client schedules a Bookable Event.

Leads, questionnaires, contracts and quotes can now be created and completed while your client schedules a Bookable Event. If you have existing automations observing things like Lead › Created, Questionnaire › Submitted (first time in client access), Sales Order › Booked (in client access) etc, these may run when a Bookable Event is booked.

To add a scheduling condition to your automations automatically, which will prevent them from running when a client schedules a Bookable Event, click the Review button in the banner.

You'll see a list of all your automations (enabled and disabled) that could be triggered when a client schedules a Bookable Event. Select the automations you want the condition to be added to and use the Add Conditions option at the bottom:

You may still want some automations to run for leads and jobs from Bookable Events. In which case simply uncheck those before clicking the Add Conditions button at the bottom.

You'll see a completed notice when the condition has been added to your selected automations:

You'll then be able to Dismiss the notice at the top when you're finished:

If you need to get back to this review page, after dismissing the notice, head to

If you later create an automation that could be triggered by a Bookable Event booking, and want to add the condition, you'll see an option to automatically add it here:

See what else we have planned for online scheduling and unassisted booking on our Beta Roadmap!

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