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Note: Online Scheduling is in its initial beta release. To see what scheduling and booking features the team is currently working on, visit the Scheduling Beta Roadmap page in your account. If you have a feature request pertaining to online scheduling or booking, be sure to get that documented on our Feature Request board.

You'll see the new Scheduling section in your sidebar! 🎉

From here, you can create a new Bookable Event for a Session, Meeting, Call or Other event type:

The Bookable Event setup contains four main steps:

Event Details

Event Type, Brand & Job Type

In this section you'll select the event type; what you'd like to name this event; which Booking Site this event belongs to (i.e. which brand!); the URL and what type of lead you want this event to create:

Note: You will need to select a Job Type but if you send an invitation, we'll use their existing job, otherwise a new lead will be created using the Job Type specified here.

Lead Status

You'll see two new Lead Statuses have been created in your account, Scheduling: In Progress and Scheduling: Stale. When a new lead is created, you'll specify the lead status that should be used here:

We recommend using Scheduling: In Progress. This lead status will automatically change to New once the client has completed the booking process.

If the client doesn't complete the booking process, the lead will remain in Scheduling: In Progress for 7 days, at which time it'll move to Scheduling: Stale then be automatically closed after another 7 days. You can customize the timings of these automatic changes in your Lead Status settings.

Filtering your leads by Scheduling: In Progress will allow you to see any clients who have dropped out of the booking process, and the new Booking in Progress section on the lead, will show what stage of the process they made it to.

Event Locations

Next you'll specify whether this is an In person, Over the phone or Virtual meeting. You can select multiple locations to allow you client to choose where they would like their event to take place:

For in person events you can set an address; over the phone events will let you select whether you will call the client or they should call you; and virtual events allow you to specify a meeting URL. You'll want to use a URL that doesn't change, such as a Zoom Personal Meeting ID or a recurring Google Meet link.

Event Confirmed, Primary Session & Duration

Decide whether you want this event to be marked as confirmed immediately, or show as tentative until you manually confirm it. Choose if you want this to be set as the Primary Session and set the Duration of the event:

Event Description & Header

Next add an Event Description and Event Header to your Bookable Event. The built-in image crop tool will let you select the correct aspect ratio for your Header image:

Public or Private Event

The last step in Event Details is to decide whether you want this to be a Public or Private event:

Public events will be listed on your public Booking Site. Private events will not be listed on your Booking Site but will still be available at the URL listed above. You can send invitations to either public or private events directly from any lead or job in Táve.


Next we'll move on to the Availability setup. In this section you'll choose how far out events can be booked; which Availability schedule to use; be able to control the frequency of time slot start times, and set a minimum scheduling notice to prevent last-minute bookings:

Inline availability editor coming soon! If creating a new schedule you'll be able to name it here then head over to the Availability section once you're finished setting up your Bookable Event, to edit that schedule.

You'll see your Availability Settings for the event type your Bookable Event is using and be able to edit them here. These settings can also now be accessed on the event type in Settings > Event Types. Any changes made here will affect all Bookable Events using this type.

Add buffer time before and after your event, as well as setting booking limits:

Booking Process

The next step is to decide how clients can book this event. Táve will always collect your client's name, email and phone number by default, but if you'd like to collect more information add a Questionnaire and/or a Contract here, or have your clients book with a Quote if you require payment to book.

Note: In the Booking Process you'll need to choose EITHER adding a Quote OR Adding a Questionnaire and/or a Contract. If you choose to add a quote, your quote can contain questionnaires and contracts within it, as the Add a Questionnaire and Add a Contract dropdowns will be disabled.

You can find more information on booking with a Quote here:

Notifications & Permissions

The final step of setting up your Bookable Event is the Notifications & Permissions section. In here you can add an optional confirmation message:

Note: if you want to set a confirmation message for all Bookable Events on a particular Booking Site, you can set that up in the Booking Sites section.

Currently any automations observing calendar events will run for Bookable Events. If you'd like to exclude Bookable Events from your existing automations, be sure to check this setting here:

We'd recommend doing so if you're using the Bookable Event Confirmation and Reminders notices in the section below.

Note: This warning box is considering all your existing automations (enabled and disabled) and the condition will be added to all when you tick this checkbox.

If you later create an automation that could be triggered by a Bookable Event booking, and want to add a condition to stop it running for Bookable Events, you'll see an option to automatically add the condition here:

If you ever need to manually add this condition to an automation, you'll want to add this:

Confirmation Notice

Add and personalize the confirmation email that is sent to your invitee when this Bookable Event is confirmed. If you set the event to be marked as confirmed, this will happen immediately on booking. If you set the event to tentative, this will be sent once you manually confirm the event in Táve:

You can use the default template or select a template of your own. We have new Bookable Event templates available here in the Template Gallery: Online Scheduling Email Bundle.

Event Reminder Notices

Add event reminder notice emails that your invitee will receive if the event is confirmed. You can specify the time the reminder goes out (e.g. 1 hour before) and set up multiple reminders (e.g. 24 hours before and 1 hour before).

Select from the default template or a template of your own:

Permissions - Cancel & Reschedule

You can set options for allowing your client to cancel or reschedule an event they booked with you, setting a minimum number of hours or days before the event start for each:

In your Email Templates, you'll find a default Bookable Event Cancellation email template available. This is what will be sent upon a client canceling an event, and you can edit it as needed.

Your Bookable Event is now set up! 🎉

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Táve Support team if you need assistance, by clicking on Support in the top menu. 🙂

See what else we have planned for online scheduling and unassisted booking on our Beta Roadmap!

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