Public vs. Private Bookable Events

The difference between public and private bookable events, and how to set this setting.

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Note: Online Scheduling is in its initial beta release. To see what scheduling and booking features the team is currently working on, visit the Scheduling Beta Roadmap page in your account. If you have a feature request pertaining to online scheduling or booking, be sure to get that documented on our Feature Request board.

Creating Your Bookable Events

To create your bookable events, you'll head to the Bookable Events section of the Scheduling sidebar. For more detailed instructions on the steps for creating your bookable events, check out Creating a Bookable Event.

There are two types of bookable events: private and public. In the Event Details section of your bookable event editor, you'll set whether the event is public or private here:

Public Events

Public events will be visible on your public booking site when visited without a private invitation.

Private Events

Private events will not be listed on your booking site, but they will be available at the bookable event's direct URL set at the top of the Event Details.

You can send invitations to either public or private events directly from any lead or job from their Schedule tab using the New Invitation dropdown.

See what else we have planned for online scheduling and unassisted booking on our Beta Roadmap!

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