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Note: Online Scheduling is in its initial beta release. To see what scheduling and booking features the team is currently working on, visit the Scheduling Beta Roadmap page in your account. If you have a feature request pertaining to online scheduling or booking, be sure to get that documented on our Feature Request board.

You'll find your Booking Sites here in the new Scheduling sidebar:

There is a Booking Site for each Brand in your Táve account. Adding a Bookable Event to a Booking Site will mean any new leads created from that event's scheduler will be assigned to this brand.

Welcome & Confirmation Messages

Editing a Booking Site will allow you to add a Welcome Message that displays at the top of your Booking Site page, and a Confirmation Message that displays on the confirmation page after your client has booked an event.

Note: You can override the Confirmation Message set up on your Booking Site on each individual Bookable Event.

Your Public Booking Site

Your public Booking Site will use the branding header from Settings › Branding and display your Welcome Message at the top here, followed by all public Bookable Events you've added to this Booking Site:

Clients will be able to select a Bookable Event, then choose a time slot from your availability based on the availability schedule you've assigned to that event:

Note: Time slots will be shown in the time zone you have set up in your Táve account. If your client is viewing your Bookable Event outside of your time zone, they'll see the time zone highlighted in red for their attention.

Táve will automatically collect your client's name, email and phone number by default:

If you've added a Quote, Questionnaire or Contract to your Bookable Event, they'll complete these before seeing the confirmation page:

Your Booking Site confirmation message will show here above the event details, or if your Bookable Event is using an override Confirmation Message this will show here instead.

See what else we have planned for online scheduling and unassisted booking on our Beta Roadmap!

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