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Creating an Advanced Quote

Creating advanced quote templates to get your clients booked

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Advanced Quotes

Advanced Quotes let your clients have several options available to them during the booking process. You’ll use an advanced quote if you want them to select from multiple payment schedule options or fill out and sign multiple questionnaires and/or contracts.

Quote Template Details

In the quote template details box, you can edit it to give the quote a name and description. You’ll also set a default expiration date.


You can give your clients multiple quotes to choose from by adding multiple quotes options. This is a bit different from standard quotes where you could potentially make the additional options optional. In this case, it’s one quote or another without letting the client remove suggested items or add additional ones.

Payment Schedules

You can give your clients multiple payment schedules to choose from. This gives them some options for payment.


In an advanced quote, you can have your client fill out one or more questionnaire during the booking process.


In an advanced quote, you can have your client sign one or more contract during booking.

Viewing a Quote in Client Access

An advanced quote will have the following format on the client's side, showing all quote options for them to browse through.

Sending Your Quotes to Clients

Sending a Quote Manually

You can send a quote to a client manually or by automation.  To create and send it manually, you'll first choose the quote template you'd like to use from the dropdown on the lead or job's Quotes & Orders tab.

Once added and any necessary changes are made to the quote, you'll send it off to the recipient from the quote screen using the Email Quote button.

Sending a Quote by Automation

Sending a quote by automation is almost identical to sending a questionnaire. You need to be sure to include the 'item' link tokens in your email template and then you would attach your specific quote in the automation's Action setup by choosing the quote you wish to link to in this email from the dropdown.

In order for your quote to show up under this dropdown menu, you will need to save a quote as a template in Settings › Quotes.

Automating a quote can be helpful for those wishing to send a quote immediately upon on a new lead coming in through their website contact form.

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