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About Early Access Betas
About Early Access Betas
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Early access betas give users the ability to test next-generation features inside their Táve account. 

These features have already been thoroughly vetted internally and are safe for production. Our goal is to release certain features on an opt-in basis to provide a more focused approach to feedback and refinement before general release. It also helps a great deal to hear where users have questions about a feature so we can make sure our Support documentation addresses those questions.

Users who like testing new and upcoming features and providing feedback will love this!

Want to be notified when a new public beta is available? 

Head to Settings and then click on Early Access Betas:

From there, simply check the box for 'Send me notices about new public betas.' to opt-in. When a public beta becomes available, you'll be notified by in-app messaging and you can head back to Settings to enable it for your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm opted-in to a public beta, how do I provide feedback?

You can just send us a message through the Support option in the top right of your account. Be sure to mention that you're testing one of the betas so our Support team can have the proper context for the feedback you provide.

How long do I have to test a feature?

Our goal is to get a feature out for general release within a few weeks, depending on the complexity and feature set of the beta, so as soon as you have feedback to provide, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Can I disable a feature after opting into it initially? 

Most features, while still in public beta, can be disabled from the Early Access Betas page in Settings. Once the feature has been released to all users, disabling it will no longer be possible. 

Certain features will be labeled as 'one-way upgrades' that cannot be disabled once enabled. This is because that specific feature requires a brief upgrade of your data to take full advantage of the new functionality.

Will all new features be opt-in betas?

No. Due to the nature of an interconnected platform like Táve, not all features will have an initial opt-in period.

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