To generate a DKIM record for a G Suite email account that you're sending from through Táve, you'll start by logging into your Google account administration at  From there, you'll navigate to Apps › G Suite › Gmail and navigate down to Authenticate Email.  From here, you'll select the option to Generate New Record.

On the modal that appears, you'll select Generate.

Now you will log into your domain host to add the DKIM TXT record there.  You'll copy the DNS Host name to the Host field and the TXT record value to the TXT Value field.  The below screenshot is taken from GoDaddy for reference.

Once that record has been added with your host, you will select the blue Start Authentication link in Google and the Status on that screen should switch from Not Authenticating Email to Authenticating Email as shown below.

To help avoid your outgoing emails sent from Táve being marked as spam by your recipients' email servers, you'll want to be sure you also have a proper SPF record in place there.  Here is our tutorial on that:

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