Adding Your Táve Contact Form to Squarespace

How to embed a Táve contact form into your Squarespace website.

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Here is a simple way to make your Táve contact form fit in with your Squarespace website.

Finding Your Contact Form iFrame Code

After creating your contact form in Táve (follow this tutorial if you haven’t done so already), you can embed the form into the content of an existing page on your website using the iframe code provided in the dialog box that appears when selecting Embed Form next to the form.

Entering the Code into a Code Block on Your Contact Page

To embed the contact form into your Squarespace website, you will insert a code block on your contact page wherever you’d like the form to appear, and paste the code provided below like so.  

Redirecting an Embedded Contact Form

If you are redirecting your embedded contact form to a new URL, you'll need to add a specific script to your branding settings so that the redirect doesn't happen inside of the iFrame. To do this, simply go to Settings › Branding and then click on the Advanced Design › Page Footer HTML tab. You'll then copy and paste the following code into the box: 

<script id="RedirectJS" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

It should look like this:

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