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Embedding a Public Questionnaire into Your Website
Embedding a Public Questionnaire into Your Website

Learn how to add a public questionnaire to your own website

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Much like embedding your Táve contact form into your website, you can also embed a public questionnaire. 

To do this, you'll use the iframe code provided in the dialog box that appears when selecting Embed Questionnaire next to the public questionnaire.

First let's grab the code we'll need. Go to your list of public questionnaires in your account.

You'll be presented with a list of all of the questionnaires you've made public. To the right of the form you wish to embed, you'll find the Embed Questionnaire button.

IMPORTANT: You’ll need to have access to the html source code of the page you’re embedding this on. So you’ll need to look for something along the lines of “Edit HTML” or “Insert HTML”.

Redirecting an Embedded Questionnaire

If you are redirecting your embedded contact form to a new URL, you'll need to add a specific script to your branding settings so that the redirect doesn't happen inside of the iFrame. To do this, simply go to Settings › Branding › Page Footer HTML. You'll then copy and paste the following code into the box: 

<script id="RedirectJS" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

It should look like this:

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